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HW New Year After Report

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  • Ron Sheehy
    If your were hungry, it s because you didn t stop drinking to eat!! I even managed to stop and get 2 of those pancakes (they were as good as they said). For
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2002
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      If your were hungry, it's because you didn't stop drinking to eat!! I
      even managed to stop and get 2 of those pancakes (they were as good as
      they said). For those of you who could not make it for one reason or
      another, here is how most of it went, and you can get more info on the
      fun from those who were there. I tried to visit or say hi to as many as
      I could, but with between 175 and 200 (the numbers supprised me) in and
      out, it was a little hard to see everyone: So to those of you I missed,
      glad you were able to make it out and share in our fun.

      First, the items I have: (If you have an item missing, post it and if
      someone has it they can get in touch with you.)

      1. Blue enamel bake pan, no lid.
      2. Glass, pyrex pie dish (may have had the sweet potato pie in it).
      3. 1 pr, corduroy pants, dark green, elastic waist and cuffs, no tag so
      might be home made (good workmanship), left in bag, with pr. green felt
      4. Quilt and afghan left at camping booth (Pidge?)

      And now the news:

      For New Years at Hawkwood, the weather could not have been better
      (except maybe a little warmer?) All the reports of snow around us, and
      not a drop got to us, no muddy grounds to contend with except for where
      you spilled your beer (and both kegs got floated). 3 fire rings helped
      to keep us warm and gave almost everyone room to gather around them
      (special thanks to the self appointed fire tenders who kept them
      supplied and going). We used almost all the wood we had by the

      We had drumming in the Boner tent, Dragon Tribe showed up and partied
      with us and did fire, Crow play some good guitar, and Hawk and Lilly
      showed up late Monday night and played. We had a good sounding music
      system and played mostly celtic music on it all weekend.

      The food that was brought in was amazing. I started eating and snacking
      saturday afternoon, and did not stop until tuesday. There were only
      bones left on 3 fried turkeys; the super kitchen on wheels turned out
      some delicious brisket, along with cooking up burgers and other items.
      If there was not you were able find a food item to eat, then we know
      that you are not an earthling. And a big thanks for the tables, those
      worked great for serving out of the kitchen.

      I caved in about am, and the party was still going strong. Besides what
      "extra" fun I say a couple have (and had to be put to bed), I understand
      that there was some more fun later that needed to be slept off today (I
      hope you all recover in time for Excalbur).

      For those of you who didn't keep track, there was 2 hand fasting Monday
      night; Ice Man / Cinder, and Lord Dredd / Lady Gellalaine.

      Clean up this morning was easy. I looked like everyone cleaned their
      camp sites very well and we did not have to pick any extra trash. I
      thank Lord Dredd of Chaos for letting us use his truck several times to
      haul trash to the dumpster, it saved us from doing the bag drag this
      year (a total of around 25 bags for the weekend).

      I know I have missed some things, but I couldn't be everywhere.
      Overall, this was the best New Years party we had there yet. I am happy
      with all the friends that showed up, and missed the one's who were not
      able to make it.

      I wish a healthy and harty New Year to everyone.

      Sir Arie, Spirit of Hawkwood
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