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Re: [Renfolks] a special thank you to Rain Dove

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  • Siurtain@aol.com
    Greetings Pegasus -- I would like to say you are very welcome and I thank you for being here at my house - it was quite an honor to have you and your group
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2000
      Greetings Pegasus --

      I would like to say "you are very welcome" and I "thank you" for being here
      at my house - it was quite an honor to have you and your group here -- and
      was most pleasurable throughout the entire weekend --

      This house is becoming well known for the "Lancaster Police Dept" , however ,
      they seem to like me and my guests alot ! :)

      Ritual was beautiful on Saturday night -- thanks to you , Lady Morning Star
      and her son , Lake , Lady Dragon Star and of course the rest of the circle !

      In retrospect , everything that has occurred over the past couple of weeks
      has just been enough to send me over the edge with emotion -- crying like a
      small child that had lost her parents -- and of course this is no fault of
      anyone's but my own --
      I am sure that I need not go into any detail , as my name "Rain Dove" speaks
      for itself -- :)
      I want to express my deepest thanks to Leiff MacPolk for being there in a
      time of despair -- he literally saved this "damsel in distress" on Sunday
      evening at the gates of Scarborough -- as another button of tears was pushed
      for me -- "thank you Leiff" -- you are my buddy always !!! :)
      You don't know what a fool I feel like -- crying in the middle of Scarborough
      -- ha !
      But , this is the beauty of my name "Rain Dove" -- I nor anyone else ever
      knows when it is going to happen and sometimes happens at the most
      inopportune times !!

      Pegasus , I am looking forward to Full Moon ritual , you just say when and I
      will be there -- along with any other Clan MacCat's that wish to come !

      Everyone have a great week --

      Bright Blessings
      Rain Dove ^!^ a.k.a. "Big Paka MacCat" >"< meeeoooowwww !
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