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40483Re: [Renfolks] Breasts of the Renaissance book published x-posted to several groups

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    Jan 2, 2010
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      The "author" is David Wilkie.  His picture can be seen at http://www.blurb.com/user/Wilkie51.
      He is from San Angelo.  His website is wilkiephotography.com.  His email address is dave@...
      Keep digging.  We can stop this.

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      Subject: [Renfolks] Breasts of the Renaissance book published x-posted to several groups
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      Date: Wednesday, December 30, 2009, 9:03 PM

      Sorry if you've already gotten this on one of the other groups we may share in common, just trying to get the word out the most efficiently
      This was posted by a fellow rennie on Facebook, as a notice to all faire ladies, and I wanted to pass the link along. I counted, on the preview, which I have no idea if it is a sampling, or the complete book, a little over 60 images, almost half of which are people I know personally or recognize from Scarborough (virtually all taken at Scarby, as I recognize the background), including 2 wenches that I know of, several cast members, and 2 performers.
      Everything from this point forward is a quote from the post I saw on Facebook and is not intended as anything other than the passing along of information:

      "ATTENTION RENFAIR LADIES! Please pass this along to any ren group websites and cast members. This jerk is using photos he did not get permission for to use in a book "Breasts of the Renaissance" to sell for profit. Many of these are cast members we know but I also recognize several performers and rennies as well. This ...is not acceptable and the models need to know so they can take legal action.

      http://www.blurb. com/bookstore/ detail/1048488Se e More
      Breasts of the Renaissance | By Dave Wilkie & Linessa Lindsay | Category: Arts & Photography | Blurb
      Book title: Breasts of the Renaissance, By: Dave Wilkie & Linessa Lindsay, Category: Arts & Photography, Book Description: Intimate portraits of the ladies of the Renaissance in rich photography ..."

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