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  • Esimed Yelmitnu
    Feb 1, 2006
      I actually work for Keys Fitness now and some other things you might want to note on the Treadmill after speaking with some of the longer standing employees (we haven't produced this model since 2000) I found the following information.  It was made in Tyler Texas, and we had very little problem with this series of unit. 1.25 HP is the consistent HP but it does have a peak HP of 3.0. If someone needs A manual for this and the original has been lost, I could probably come up with one. Max weight capacity for this unit is 275 LBS. From what I can tell this was a very good little unit, for someone wanting a basic Treadmill it could be an excellent deal.

      On 1/31/06, inionbrigid <inionbrigid@...> wrote:

      Hello! It's been a bit of a while since I last posted, but a few of you might still remember me (Carole/Indi) from Hawkwood, or from the fire troupe that Jason (the other Talon) and I had.  Life's been pretty good to me this past year; I've found a new love, and also
      found a prime candidate for Casa del Locos Irlandés y Escocés (House of the Crazy Irish & Scots), so now it's time for me to suck it up and decide what's most important in my life in order to come up with money for the down payment/closing costs, etc.  That being said, I have decided to part with the following items:

      <b>(1) Starfire Roman Short Sword (21")</b>, with custom baldric - this blade has been kept in prime condition, and rarely comes out of an oiled environment except for periodic inspection.  I haven't even carried it at faire more than a handful of times in the past several years, so now I think it's time for it to find a new home. The baldric is in a rustic black-stained style, rigged for a left-handed shoulder draw. It was created for a short round person (me), so it will probably work well for a taller and/or less-round person.

      Current retail on blade: $165.  Asking price, with baldric - $125.00

      Reference link, with photo: http://www.starfireswords.com/web-pages/products/steel/ssb21.php

      <img src="http://www.teknogypsy.com/images/stuffforsale/sword&sheath.jpg ">

      I have a really great court dress I bought from Merlyn's Custom Costuming before they went away. It's in their "Persian" style, which is a bit more exotic.  It's a size "extra large", which is adjustable in the side lacing to fit from 14-20. I don't think the camera can quite catch the irridescent sheen on the fabric - it's teal, with an almost black subshade that's absolutely awesome.  I bought this when I was part of Queen Pandemonium's court, but it's another thing that it's probably time to let go of.

      Original purchase price: $140
      Asking price: $60

      <img src="http://www.teknogypsy.com/images/stuffforsale/dress.jpg">


      <b>(1) Handmade Glass Kaleidescope</b> - This is a pyramid kaleidescope created with handmade glass and glass marbles that I acquired at Scarborough Faire about three years ago. It's beautiful, and has the greatest colors - an awesome display piece. 

      Original Retail: $95.  Asking price - $50.00

      <img src="http://www.teknogypsy.com/images/stuffforsale/kaleidescope_inside.jpg ">

      <img src="http://www.teknogypsy.com/images/stuffforsale/kaleidescope_outside.jpg ">


      <b>(1) Vintage Drafting Table</b> - Adjustable height/tilt drafting table, in beautiful dark mahogany finish; I can't say how old it really is, but the styling is consistent with late 19th/early 20th century details.

      Original Purchase Price: $140. Asking price: $75.00

      <img src="http://www.teknogypsy.com/images/stuffforsale/draftingtable.jpg ">

      <b>Black Wrought Iron Canopy Bed Set (Full)</b> - Black wrought iron canopy bed set includes full-length mirror, 4-Shelf Glass Etagiere, Coat Rack, and of course, the bed.  Currently I have it reinforced to support a soft-side waterbed mattress, which I will also include.  As a special bonus, I will also include one set of amber satin sheets, the amber canopy drapes, and matching window panels. Yes, this is the set that many of you have ooh'd and aaah'd at in my bedroom over the years; it's time for me to get a bigger bed, and as much as I have loved this set, it's time to move on.

      Original Purchase Price (Including mattress/box springs, etc.): $600.00 Asking price: $250.00

      Reference Link: http://www.furnitureontheweb.com/NoFrame/items/000706nf.html


      <b>(1) Upright Freezer</b> - OK, this is a hand-me-down freezer in a "vintage" brown color (for a small fee, I'm more than happy to repaint this in any color you'd like prior to pickup), but it still freezes quite well.

      Original Purchase Price: N/A - Asking price: $75.00


      <b>(1) Electronic Treadmill </b> - Electronic treadmill: this is a Keys 950 Pro, in excellent condition.  Specs are:
      HP continuous duty: 1.25 hp
      Walking surface area: 18 x 51
      Size dimensions: 29 x 62
      Folding: Yes

      It folds up into a fairly compact area, and works like a champ.

      Retail: $600+ - asking price: $125.00


      <b>Oak Finish Entertainment Center</b> - this entertainment center is approximately 7'x 8', and currently accomodates a 27" television.  Good condition, storage cabinet below TV, shelves all about.

      Purchase Price: $125 - Asking Price, $75.00

      <img src="http://www.teknogypsy.com/images/stuffforsale/entertainment_center.jpg ">


      <b>(2) Black Motorcycle Helmets</b> - These guys have seen better days; they're still solid, but the lining's a bit ragged.  They're great to keep around for unexpected passenger/riders or kids.

      Retail: $40-$60.00 - Asking price: $10 each.


      <b> Classic Rocking Chair </b> - this is your classic, traditional rocking chair.  Like-new condition, perfectly sound and stable.  Found its way into my house thru one of the girls, now needs to find its way out.

      Retail: ~$50-$60.  Asking price: $30.00


      There's more small things, but I'm planning on a yard sale next weekend to get those purged out of the casa. 

      I can make more pix of any of the above available upon request, and I'll get back to you. I am negotiable on some of the prices, and I can deliver most items anywhere in the DFW metro area.

      If none of this stuff happens to suit your fancy, needs or budget, no worries - your positive energy and wishes for success in getting this casa will be gratefully accepted as well.

      Thanks, everyone!

      EDIT: Apologies for the photo quality: my primary camera is MIA, and so I'm reduced to my backup.  If you're local, you're always welcome to come by!

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