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27431Re: [Renfolks] STOLEN: Angel Sword

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  • Abbie Golding
    Sep 1, 2004
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      Doh! It was on this site. Here is the ebay listing for the sword. Although I cant imagine someone would post it so blatenly if it were stolen.
      I am sorry to hear about the loss of your sword..but sending good thoughts and hopeful wishes that you are reunited with it and the bad guy gets punished for stealing it.

      replicant <replicant@...> wrote:
      Hey guys,

      My house got robbed and one of the items taken was my Angel Sword. Since
      this thing might be kinda hard to get rid of by theifs cept in maybe a
      pawn shop (i shudder how much they get for it) if by some SLIM chance
      ya'll see it around ..

      It's a Celtic Leaf Blade short sword. Wodden Handle .. I don't really
      have a good pic of it but here is a cheezy pic of me wearing it:


      thanx! i shall now go back to drinking ..

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      whom are you going to speak it to?"

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      Do you Yahoo!?
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