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26972Loving Puppies.

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  • James Dugat
    Jul 1 10:46 AM
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      Good Day to All Lords and Ladies.

      Our homestead was blessed the day before Mother's day with 10...yes count them...ten healthy puppies. It was an accident and not intended. The Mother, a blue eyed Siberian Husky, found a way out of the backyard and hooked up with a beautiful black labradore. We're keeping one and found a homes for four others. However, I'm trying to find homes for the other five puppies (two girls and three boys) before taking them to a shelter. The two girls are the smallest out of the litter and will take after the Father.  One is totally black except for a small white star on her chest - the reason we called her Starr.  The other is blonde to tan with white feet. Their both very loving.  The three boys are black of medium hair length, One is totally black and the other two have markings on feet and chest.  Two of the three also have one blue eye and one brown eye.

       At this time, we're asking $50.00 per puppy to recoup the costs of their shots and other amenities (Purina Puppy food and Milk formula). They've been very well taken care of and very spoiled. In fact, they spent their first five weeks in an air-conditioned garage. Due to the nature of our economy, I will accept a lesser amount for a puppy if this amount is not feasible for an individual. Their seven-week birthdays came up this past Saturday; therefore, we're going to be getting rid of them as quickly as possible due to lack of yard space.

      I will hold onto the puppies for 8 more days (today's date 7/1/2004), after that they will be transferred to an adoption facility.  We live in the Spring, Texas area off of 1960 East and Aldine Westfield.  Also, if you know of someone else not of this group, who would be loving parents or parent to one of these puppies, please pass on the pics and contact information. We just want to find good homes for all of them. If you are interested, you may contact me, James, or Gina at (281) 350-9874 and/or contact me by email at bearofavalon2002@.... Thank you for reading and all of your help in finding good homes for these puppies. :)

      P.S.  I've also found out there are no shelters in Houston that do not euthanize the animals; therefore, please help us find them loving homes.

      Bear of Avalon

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