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  • Necro of Chaos
    May 1, 2004
      Hey blackstar! What's up Bruthaaaaaaa!!!!

      Blackstar of Chaos <blackstar@...> wrote:
      hey scorch how have you been . please dont tell anyone i have a reputation to live up to.  lol  
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      Date: 04/30/04 23:08:13
      Subject: [Renfolks] Re: homeless
      --- In Renfolks@yahoogroups.com, "Blackstar of Chaos"
      <blackstar@c...> wrote:
      > hi kim this is blackstar.dont know if i ever met you.but i live on
      your side
      > of town.if you want you can stay here .maybe it will give you a
      couple of
      > days to find something. i live on eldorado blvd.

      You know what Blackstar? That armour, those horns, and that
      intimidating scowl are decieving...you are a really great person
      underneath it all. But don't worry I promise not to tell!

      Love ya bro...

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