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21208re: silly question....

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  • Cindy Meeks
    May 1, 2003
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      Technically, a wench was a serving girl... whether she served food, drink,
      or..... other needs. LOL

      Cindy Meeks aka
      Violet MacComyn - Chieftress of the Clan
      Proud Mother of Periwinkle MacComyn
      Member of Chaos
      Dread Violet - Shantywench of the Lady Inebriata
      Queen Pandemonium's Fury
      Counselor to the Queen
      Wigglin' M'Crack
      Handela Boner
      Fury of Legions of Fire (not to be confused with Chaos' Fury)
      M'Lady of the Memorable Mammories
      Most Dangerous Bodice at NTIF
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