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11428Re: [Renfolks] Re: Fwd: Sad News - Member of Garrison Passed Away

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  • jangles.faire@att.net
    Nov 1, 2001
      Cherry wrote;
      > I didn't know their names, but I did know all of them
      > by face. Which one was he? This is terrible. Was it
      > the older guy. Greyish hair?

      Jodie, aka Phineas, had greying hair, beard & mustache,
      eyes that always seemed a bit squinted (either from not
      wearing his glasses in Faire or due to his enormous smile
      crowding them off the center of his face) a portly
      profile caused by sharing more meals & drinks than were
      probably good for him (but with so many friends, what
      could he do?), and hands that were always strong, tender,
      & warm enough to shake a new hand, lift a friend who
      stumbled, or massage away an old pain.

      He was a well loved friend. I will miss him more than I
      can say.

      His wife is the business manager for the Garrison. She
      wears a blue dress at Faire, and has the same problem of
      a smile that tries to push her eyes off the top of her

      Jodie's son came to Hawkwood for the first time this
      year. He is a fine young man with much of his father
      showing in his face nad his ready friendliness. I hope we
      get to see him again next year.

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