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Summer Workshop Schedule For Four Winds 2004 Season

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  • James Harlan
    It is time to start preparing for the 10th aniverssary season at the Four Winds Renaissance Faire (www.FourWindsFaire.com). The faire s sponsor the Fellowship
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        It is time to start preparing for the 10th aniverssary season at the Four Winds Renaissance Faire (www.FourWindsFaire.com). The faire's sponsor the Fellowship of the Four Winds Historical Society will be holding basic cast workshops throughout the summer on Sunday afternoons from 3-5pm starting this Sunday June First.
       Learn basic characterization skills, improvisation skills, basic costming, and sword choreography. The workshops will not only deal with the main faire cast but also other new and exciting events, features, and activities the Fellowship sponsors throughout the year for its members.
               Summer Workshop Schedule for JUne- August
          1st Sunday of the month workshops held at Four WInds Fairesite 3-5pm.
         2nd Sunday of the month workshops held at Bergfeld Park (located on the corner of 5th St. And Broadway in Tyler,TX.) {Location subject to change advance notice will be given} 3-5pm
        3rd Sunday of the month workshops held at Fairesite 3-5pm
        4th Sunday of the month workshops held at Fairesite 3-5pm
      By attending these workshops you will be given the opportunitty to Join the Fellowship of the Four WInds Historical Society. The Fellowship is a living history society that covers pre-roman through early 1700s  Western European History.  Members of the fellowship get the opportunity join and participate in cookouts, campouts, parties, the first annual haunted hayride on fairesite (open to public fundraiser) to be held this October, a chance to become a player in the Fellowship's new Shakespearean Performance Company, attend period movie premiers in garb (such as "Return of the King"), compete on teams in the Wars of the Winds, help out with public service programs ( such as a living history display at the mall, schools, civic organizations, ect...), opportunities to learn from and interact with other reenactment organizations ( such as competing in the New Spain European Live Steel Dueling Tournament (held at faire) and by invitation to "The Prize" held in Arkansas.
        Being a member of the Fellowship also gives you acess to indepth costuming workshops, characterization workshops, improvisation and sword choreography workshops, chances to do historical research, and opportunities to learn artisan and craftmen skills.  The best feature of the Fellowship is it allows its members to earn their Knighthood via either service rendered to the Fellowship or by becoming a member of the internationally ranked joust team.
       To become a member just fill out the application and pay your annual membership dues.  All membership dues collected go back into funding the Fellowship and the events it sponsors.
        INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS  $25.00 per year
       FAMILY MEMBERSHIP (good for all family members in household) $50.00 per year
      For more information about the Fellowship, cast workshops, directions, or about Four Winds renaissance Faire contact the office via:
        Phone: (903)839-5271
       Ask for Dustin or Kristen.
      Cast open to ages 13-adult. Fellowship membersip available to all ages.
      See You At The Four Winds,
       James Harlan (aka: Marshall Ursceal)
       Forgive the cross post I am a member of several other groups.

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