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  • sturmritter_tx@yahoo.com
    Hello, Sandy I was in Silver Leaf in Kalamazoo last year with Noble Cause, the joust troupe there. Unfortunately, I won t be there this year but will be
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 6, 2001
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      Hello, Sandy
      I was in Silver Leaf in Kalamazoo last year with Noble Cause, the
      joust troupe there. Unfortunately, I won't be there this year but
      will be jousting in Colorado. If you run into the jousters there tell
      Rick (sir Richard,) Danny (Sir Malcolm,) and Vargas high from Fred
      (Wilhelm von Eschenbach) I'll be marshalling and jousting at the
      Colorado Faire , which happens at the same time of year.

      "Lutes and viols harmonize
      in elegant and courtly wise;
      thus bade by his Imperial might
      have I produced this fair delight,
      blending these tuneful instruments
      as well befits such great events.

      And now melodious music springs
      from multifarious hums of strings.
      By Emperor's wish the members are
      the drum, the lute, the sweet guitar
      and harps and fifes both small and large.
      To lead this consort is my charge.

      The Emperor's heart at all times
      toward heights of knightly virtue climbs,
      and so with all his will and might,
      he cherishes each loyal knight
      who fearlessly his life will yield
      to serve him in the battlefield.

      The worthy soldiers in every war
      with knightly spirit hunger for
      fame everlasting and honors grand
      through the Emperor's counsel and command.
      And so his praise is justly sung
      by rich by poor, by old and young.

      With knightly joy, as you will note,
      The art of fencing I did promote
      With axe and halberd, staff and sword,
      As it did please my royal Lord;
      All done by rule and properly
      So the true basis you will see.

      Much of his time was nobly spent
      In the true knightly tournament,
      Asource of valor and elation;
      Therefore, upon his instigation,
      With knightly spirit and bold heart
      I have improved this fighting art.

      Always promoting new advances
      In jousting with hooked or pointed lances,
      Thanks to His Highness, I unfurled
      Skills never seen in all the world.
      These jousts and novel styles and ways
      have earned for me great fame and praise.

      With skill this wagon barricade
      I formed in the field, as here displayed,
      Circling and closing in the swiftest way
      So none of the men would go astray.
      Inside now are ercted tents
      and other martial monuments.

      The baggage train and army's gear,
      guarded by those who now appear,
      I led in order excellent.
      My efforts were quite evident.
      I kept the army fully free
      from pilferage and thievery.

      Upon the Emperor's request
      I made my joyous interest
      The furthance of masquerades
      with all of art and humor's aids.
      -But no licentiousness: instead
      my wit is knightly and well bred.

      Assiduously always I did try
      to keep troubadours and jesters in supply,
      Always to furnish the merriest jest-
      To this one end I did my best.
      And from my diligent employment
      The Emperor derives enjoyment."

      -"The Triumphs of Maximillian I"

      Fred Serna
      a.k.a. Wilhelm Friedrich Sebastian Heironymus Bonn von Eschenbach,
      troubadour and Captain, Raven's Hall Armoury Guard

      --- In Renaissancelife@y..., summergrl1@w... wrote:
      > Hi to all:)
      > My name is Sandy and I am very new to all of the Rennissance
      > very first Faire will be coming up here in July at the Silver
      > Faire in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
      > Do they sell great looking costumes? Also how do you join a guild
      > how do you go about choosing a name?
      > I hope I can get a better understanding of this all.Nice to be
      > Thanks,Sandy
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