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  • Chuck Spitler
    Gutten Aben, mein gut freunds!! All who participated in this evening s Parade of Lights in Norco agree that the event was a WUNDERBAR success!!!!! A huge and
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2007
      Gutten Aben, mein gut freunds!!

      All who participated in this evening's Parade of Lights in Norco agree that the event was a WUNDERBAR success!!!!! A huge and heartfelt DANKE goes out to Micci for taking the lead in getting the word out about this event. (Here's hoping your ankle is feeling better very soon.)

      UNT...speaking of those who get a big DANKE from the bottom of my Baronial heart.....THANK YOU to ALL Koroneburgers who were there tonight, with lights on, to help to share the news about our Koroneburg Festival with the GUT volk of the city of Norco. Through your efforts, there are MANY, MANY more people who know about the Koroneburg Festival and now plan to visit with us in the spring at our 11th Annual Festival.....OOOOOOOOOMPHAAAAAAAAA!!! Tom Wilson and I were OVERWHELMED at the opportunity this event (the parade and then the follow-up gathering at the park at the end) offers to share the good news about Koroneburg with the EXACT PEOPLE we would love to reach, that is....family-oriented people living near our Festival site who tend to participate in fun events in the out-of-doors. We are excited about and look forward to being a part of this event again next year.......if you were not able to join us in the parade this year, perhaps you will consider joining us next
      year......this is a fun event, and WELL-WORTH the effort. (O.K......I'll admit it....the parade march.....UPHILL!!!.... was not easy for this out-of-shape Baron. Lucky (?) for me that my Baronial guard was behind me all the way, PRODDING me along, you might say. (Thanks, Anton unt Otto.....you were QUITE inspirational! All I know is, I MADE IT!! JA! JA!

      UNT NOW (finally!) FOR MY LATE-BREAKING NEWS!!!! After the parade, I had the GUT pleasure of sharing a fine meal at Polly's in Norco with mein gut Hoffdichter Jonas Dichterling unt The Lloyd, our favorite itinerant druid. At Polly's we happened upon Norco City Councilwoman Kathy Azevedo, who happily informed me that we, the citizen-marchers of Koroneburg, WON FIRST PLACE for "BEST COSTUMED GROUP" in tonight's parade! She then invited me, your humble Baron, to stop by Norco City Hall where I will accept a plaque honoring allus for our WUNDERBAR appearance in the parade.

      SO, my DOUBLE-CONGRATULATIONS to you all......for your unselfish efforts in being there tonight in Norco to help publicize our beloved Festival, UNT for LOOKIN' G O O D !!! First Place.......YESSSSSSSSS!!

      Wishing you and yours all the best for a joyous Holiday season.

      Much love UNT admiration,
      Your Baron

      micci_mouse <micci_mouse@...> wrote: Ok k-burgers the lady with the Norco Fair sent me a letter stating
      that we will not know our space in the parade until we check in. I
      am going to be there to check in by 3:00 please be there no later
      than 4:00. There is a check in station at Valley View and Sixth
      Street in Norco. You must enter the staging area on Valley View
      from Sierra Avenue either from the North or the South. I am sure if
      you can not find us, the people at the check-in station will help

      Remember Christmas lighting is required. What that means is yes you
      may carry a lantern (which will look very cool), but please have
      battery operated christmas lights on as well. Please be in costume.
      The more lights the merrier!

      Please remember that no throwing or handing out of candy or
      literature will be allowed. If any of us throw or hand out anything
      we will be disqualified. Also the parade committee will showcase
      Santa. No other Santa Clause costumes are permitted. Renaissance or

      If you have any questions please let me know. I wish I had more
      info, but this is all they sent me

      Please come out and show your support for Koroneburg!


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