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Fwd: Big Birthday Bash V - Final Report

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  • The Rev
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2004
      > OK - we've only have a couple of days to wait for
      > the Big Birthday Bash V to begin - Huzzah! A bunch
      > of people are coming in from Dallas Friday, so we
      > will tap the first keg and officially get started
      > then. Officially we are celebrating the birthdays
      > of Tazz (July 1st), Grim/Michael (July 5th),
      > Troy/Beth (July 6th), Rhiannon (July 8th) & Kevin
      > (July 8th). I'm sure there are probably more in the
      > group........let me know if you know of anyone else
      > that should be on the list.
      > The agenda is pretty much as had been
      > planned.........Friday night is a bring-your-own
      > everything and just hang out chill night. Sat. we
      > will get started grilling about 4:00 - hambergers,
      > hot dogs, briscuit & fixings. We'll need a few big
      > Chaos guys to go over to Firestone and literally
      > kidnap Rev about that time - just pick him up, stuff
      > him in the truck and tell his boss he'll have to pay
      > ransome to get him back;-} We can have a jam
      > session with anyone that would like to bring their
      > drums or instruments. We'll start fireworks and
      > Fire Show about 8:30 or 9:00. Zivilan will be here
      > starting karaoke about 10:00 - 2:00. The hot tub
      > will be up and running all weekend. Sun. morning we
      > will do breakfast & Mimosa's in the hot tub at
      > dawn........and just drift into the Fourth of July
      > Celebration:-}
      > We've got kegs of Moosehead (thank you Tara for
      > finding it and bringing it from Austin!) and Miller
      > Lite, as well as Loki (of course!). If you'd like
      > to contribute towards the kegs & karaoke, that would
      > be appreciated, and we'll have coolers & ice set up
      > for anything else you'd like to bring.
      > What to bring: Bathing Suit, Towel, pillows &
      > blankets, food contributions, any alcohol you'd like
      > other than beer (you might bring some to stash for
      > when we run out and for Sunday), lawn chairs,
      > musical instruments, camara & film;-}.
      > What NOT to bring: As few vehicles as
      > possible........there are 80 confirmed coming to the
      > party, so car pool if you can. And no gifts
      > please........although funny cards could be cause
      > for amusement!
      > Under no circumstances are you to leave here too
      > drunk to drive! About a dozen people have already
      > made reservations for places to crash out.......a
      > few are camping.......quite a few can fit at our
      > house, a couple of Chaos members live within 10
      > minutes of here and have offered space. Please
      > think ahead and bring provisions with you if you
      > think there's a possibility you may want to stay.
      > Directions:
      > Go to Houston:-} & get on 45 South
      > Go west on 610 from 45
      > Go west on I-10 from 610
      > Exit Fry Rd. and turn right (north)
      > Go 3 stop lights to Saums and turn left
      > Turn left at Sitting Bull (first stop light)
      > Turn right at the immediate stop sign, which turns
      > into Fort Laramie Drive
      > We're at 2143 Fort Laramie, in a red house on the
      > right just before a stop sign.
      > There will be Chaos Stars marking the way.......just
      > follow.......
      > If lost call 281-579-0281 (house), 713-628-7677
      > (Beth's Cell) or 713-825-4754 (Rev's Cell)
      > If anyone has not R.S.V.P'd, now is the time to do
      > so! Drive safely - we can't wait to see you!
      > Beth / Rev
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