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Re: [Remembering_The_Kanji] PDA as Japanese dictionnary

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  • Bernat Agullo Rosello
    Personally I think that text books used at japanese classes are better to learn grammar and vocabulary --- we re currently using one called New Approach (title
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2006
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      Personally I think that text books used at japanese classes are better to learn grammar and vocabulary --- we're currently using one called New Approach (title in katakana) which is not bad if you've finished the RTK 1 and have some kanji input e-dict. Lots of furigana are not there anymore and forces you to read compounds...
      little by little, ain't no shortcut to language learning...

      On 6/1/06, marshal_the <marshal_the@...> wrote:
      I have been following the discusion about using a pda (or a nintendo
      DS lite!) as a dictionnary. I should soon receive a new pda (acer n311
      with vga screen, wifi, bluetooth, wm5... :D).
      I'll go 6week in a langauge school in Japan this summer and i'll
      definitly need a good japanese input system, dictionnary... and wanted
      a good pda too (using it with skype on wifi should be good in japan
      too :D).

      I already have an old palm (m505, brough secondhand for not much) and
      I you can already read japanese text, do vocabulary flashcard,
      dictionnary (EDICT based) with handwriting recognition for kanji...
      you only need the right (not always free) software. I would say that
      it's perfect for vocabulary/kanji review, ok for reading japanese text
      (soft for this isn't free through) and definitly a bit too slow as a
      dictionnary. Inputting japanese text in not good too.

      Anyway the point is I am getting my new PDA, and I am wondering if
      somone else use such a device (with WM5) as a japanese language tool.
      What soft they use and if they have some other program (kanji review,
      japanese games...) that they can recommand me.

      I have already searched a bit and I found that there isn't that much
      about japanese input support for WM5. I found through something
      interesting which look like the WM5 japanese input (like on Japanese
      WM5 PDA) but that works on dell x51v foreign device (hopefully also on
      other PDA).

      If someone is interested I am write more once I get it and played a
      bit this the different apps.

      Concerning RTK I am currently reaching 1600... I now really want to
      finish the book fast (I am have exams coming but I still want to
      finish it before going to japan). I don't want to continue with the
      second book right away, my japanese level (gramaar and vocabulary) are
      pretty much at beginner's level. What would be your recommandation for
      good reading material... I'll probably take a look at some manga (with
      or without furigana) but I'll also like something different.


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