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Fw: A question regarding 'souls'...

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  • Stephen Boston
    ... From: Stephen Boston To: Midnite Bob ; Reluctant Messenger Newsletter ; Reluctant Messenger Discussion Cc: Reluctant Master Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2007
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      Subject: Re: A question regarding 'souls'...

      So here's my most burning, current, question:

      Do all created creatures have souls? Are even the ants(gazzilions of 'em) on the road to discovering God?,,, and if so, what happens to a the soul of, oh, let's say a raccoon when Jesus' 1000 year reign begins?
      The first answer to your question gets a bit nit-picky.  Not only does every ant have a soul it has a spirit.
      We all have a body, spirit and soul. 
      1 Thessalonians 5:23
      And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole
      spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord
      Jesus Christ.
      The best way to explain it is to compare these to a computer. 
      Now let me give you the explanation why we have a body, a spirit and a soul.
      The common belief is that the spirit and the soul is the same thing. It
      isn't. Remember the uncreated realm?
      The spiritual realm is a created realm just as the physical realm is. We
      are similiar to a computer. Our body is like the hardware. Our Spirit is
      like software and our soul is like electricity. The soul comes from the
      uncreated realm whereas our body and our spirit comes from the created
      Everybody has a different spirit, much like programs are different from each
      other. However, our souls are all identical.
      Just as the electricty that runs all computers is identical, so is our soul
      identical with all other souls because the soul, our soul is GOD.
      (Brahman/God the Father)
      Solomon understood that our spirits and those of animals are different. But
      the life within is the same (our nephesh)
      Ecclesiastes 3:21
      Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast
      that goeth downward to the earth?
      Side note.  Many lower life forms such as ants and bees collectively share a spirit.  The entire colony is the individual.  Just as your individual cells make up your body, for communal species such as termites, ants and bees, etc... the spirit governs the whole colony and each individual is more similiar to your individual cells as opposed to you the individual. 
      There is scientific evidence that all species on this planet also have a meta-soul.  This is known as the 100 Monkey Theory.  It was observed that after a hurricane or some other disaster had wiped out the food source for a group of monkey on an island that humans were keeping them alive by dumping yams and fruit on the beach where they lived.  The food was of course covered in sand and one enterprising monkey discovered it tasted better if washed in the surf first.  His fellow monkeys learned from him and soon the entire island of monkeys were washing their food before eating it.  What was amazing was that monkeys on nearby islands that had no contact at all with the other island started washing their food also.  It has been theorized that enough monkeys had learned a skill to impact that species meta-soul.
      Buddha taught lessons remembered from his past lives and some included when he was an animal.  The Buddha's remembrance of thousands of past lives during the first watch of the night he achieved omnipotent enlightenment gave rise to a vast body of Buddhist literature, in many versions, called the Jatakas or Tales of the Buddha's Past Lives. The Pali Jatakas record 357 past lives as a human, 66 as a god, and 123 as an animal. For Buddhists, the biography of the Buddha consists of not one but many lives.
      The Jatakas is a collection of "birth stories" detailing many of the previous lives of the Buddha. Buddha Shakyamuni spent many lifetimes in the six realms of transmigration. His lives as the monkey king, elephant king, deer king, and goose king are examples of lives spent in the realm of animals.
      In order to achieve your spiritual pontential you have to spiritually migrate to the human form.  Until you achieve existence in a human realm you are stuck in the cycle of birth and death.  Ever met someone who was facinated by wolves or geese or cats.  They seem more in tune with certain type of animal than others.  That is because in a recent lefetime they were that animal.  In fact, animals that are pets to humans are more likely to make the leap to the human realm, just as if we are God's pet, we can more quickly make the leap to the God-Realm.....
      So to answer your question about the racoon, until that soul/spirt combo moving from body to body makes the leap to the human realm, Christ's 1,000 year reign will have no impact on his soul.
      I hoped this helped.
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      Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2007 3:24 PM
      Subject: A question regarding 'souls'...


      My dear Mr. Boston....

      A few weeks ago, during a re-awakening of my Christian faith, I acknowledged that re-incarnation was alluded to in the Scriptures...Having once accepted that, I stumbled onto the Reluctant Messenger Site & have been devouring everything,,,not just on your Site, but through hundred of other readings...But Chester's story & the Plan(both the Original & the Revised)of God, resonates with what I've always felt but couldn't back-up...

      So here's my most burning, current, question:

      Do all created creatures have souls? Are even the ants(gazzilions of 'em) on the road to discovering God?,,, and if so, what happens to a the soul of, oh, let's say a raccoon when Jesus' 1000 year reign begins? I  suppose, that the raccoon is left out of the 1000 years, or perhaps not, since it will still be a time of evolving,,,,but only the souls who have reached human form and were close to the 'Truth' will be reborn during the 1000....Even so, 1000 years does seem kinda short for the billions of humans who brought back for it....But maybe not,,,I'm just not sure about the sheer number of people & the small space available on our planet....

      I also realize, that in the New Heaven and Earth, there will be plenty of time for everyone....

      Please know, that I am asking these questions out of heart-felt ignorance. The last few weeks have been a glorious reconnecting with my Jesus, combined with a crash course in the various blending of religions & the absolute potential for JOY as I realize that I can move toward the Un-mannifest and still accept Christ Blood's Atonement!!!!...My most heartfelt thanks to you and the Mrs.

      Now, if you could just offer me your thoughts about out the sheer volume of ants & the raccoon's dilemma, I'd appreciate it.

      Sincerely, & thanks...No rush...:-)



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