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* * * Our Guest of Honor: George Wilde, (in SIBERIA, RUSSIA)

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  • Ellis Toussier Bigio
    I received the following e-mail from George Wilde, who lives in SIBERIA, and who says he is 48 years old, rejuvenated to 32 years old ... I was of course
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2007
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      I received the following e-mail from George Wilde, who lives
      in SIBERIA, and who says he is "48 years old, rejuvenated to
      32 years old"...

      I was of course curious to meet somebody practicing antiaging
      therapies in WESTERN SIBERIA, Russia! So I invited him to
      subscribe to Rejuvenation, and to be our Guest of Honor...

      The usual way this works is: I ask questions, he answers,
      and then anybody who wants to ask George questions related
      to anti-aging therapies, please send them.

      I want to learn whatever we can from him, and I think perhaps
      I might teach him a few tricks... and I hope maybe we can get
      some anti aging products from Russia, and help him to get anti-
      aging products from the U.S. or Mexico.

      First I paste his two e-mails to me, then I ask him some

      Hi Ellis Toussier!

      Thank you for very useful web page for millions unaware!

      I found too many information to confirm my present life
      style I do to stay young and healthy for ever.

      Mr. G. Wilde
      from The western Siberia
      The Great Russia

      (48 y.o. rejuvenated to 32 y.o.)
      (no wrinkles, no any pain, no illness)
      (just clear mind, energy, sex desires)
      (muscle, very elastic skin, regrowed hair)
      (100% eye sight)

      I wrote back inviting him to subscribe to Rejuvenation,
      and I received the following answer:


      Hi Ellis!

      Thank you very much for your swift reply!

      I am happy to meet you who shares my life ideas.

      Thank you very much for your public activity in the internet!

      The Western Siberia is the central place in Russia. River Ob
      is our source of water and life. A lot of Russian people live
      here. I am happy to live in the Western Siberia I used to. No
      place in the world I want to change for now.

      I started to learn about something to do with my body at about
      44 years old when some ageing signs started to be visible. I
      have afraid of them. So I have started to learn everything
      about rejuvenation and retarding ageing, beating illnesses
      and to stay vigorous. Now I know about many ageing processes
      become obvios after 40 years old.

      I continue my education and experiments every day.

      The very intersting theme for me is side effects of ordinary
      well known and accessible drugs and food.

      I do not sell anything. I can send you things if that is legal.

      I will join to forum to share my own ideas on rejuvenation,
      or TO RETARD and PREVENT AGEING, I do now.


      George Wilde


      Ellis: Hello George! It is a pleasure to have you subscribed
      to Rejuvenation. I would like to ask you some questions about
      your anti aging program.

      1. What are your studies, what is your occupation, and
      how did you start your anti aging program?

      I am also curious to know how you know English? Do most
      Russians learn English in school? I am also an English
      teacher (I teach teachers who teach English...)



      2. You say you are 48 years old, and you have rejuvenated
      to 42... That is pretty good! I would like to know all the
      therapies that you do for anti-aging. Please describe your
      personal anti-aging program.

      3. Please tell us what is your nutrition? Do you have many
      fruits in Western Siberia?

      4. Is it possible for you to get growth hormone, testosterone,
      insulin, and EPO in Siberia? If so, are you required to have
      a medical prescription, or can you buy them in Pharmacies?

      5. Does the Government include anti aging therapies in social
      programs, such as medical programs like social security, etc.?

      5. Do you take Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy?

      6. Can you get EDTA chelation?

      7. Can you get Botox?

      8. Can you get laser treatments (for skin...) Fraxell?


      9. Do you know many other persons who are interested in anti-aging
      therapies, or are you the Lone Ranger there? (the "Lone
      Ranger" refers to a character who fights the Bad Guys alone...
      with his trusted friend, Tonto, who is also a lonely person...
      So I mean, are you alone, or are there many others?)

      - Ellis
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