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  • Mary Jo Drager
    Ellis, thanks for sharing Dr. Bernstein audio. I m listening to this audio now, and I did attend the teleseminar on March 27th, and was glad I did. Interesting
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 6, 2007
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      Ellis, thanks for sharing Dr. Bernstein audio. I'm listening to
      this audio now, and I did attend the teleseminar on March 27th,
      and was glad I did. Interesting stuff.

      Mary Jo Drager

      [Hello Mary Jo... Yes, it was a very interesting teleconference.

      I just got back from New York, where I went to see Dr.
      Bernstein as a "listener" with Richard Smith, who is
      subscribed to Rejuvenation and who allowed me to attend
      his 2 first appointments, which lasted a total of 3 hours.

      Then... I PAID for half an hour, at an exhorbitant fee, just
      to ask him what does he think of my Carbohydrate Thermometer,
      and my so-called "Glucose Theory of Aging..."

      Mixed results: He said that the Carbohydrate Thermometer is
      NOT USEFUL because it is TOO DIFFICULT TO MEMORIZE... He said
      it gives BAD ADVICE... (I think he didn't understand it very
      well...) I told him it doesn't give ADVICE, it just STATES
      the facts... I still had to argue with him, and finally just
      accepted that he does not think it is useful for his diabetes

      Oh, well... NOBODY IS PERFECT... Not even my dear Maestro,
      Dr. Bernstein. So... On to another topic...

      I asked him to read the Glucose Theory of Aging... he said
      that aging occurs because of telomeres, etc... I asked him to
      concentrate on the Glucose Theory of Aging, it is not the
      sole theory of aging, but is it valid? that aging occurs
      faster when glucose levels are higher than necessary?

      He finally said yes, he agrees that aging will occur faster
      when glucose levels are high.

      Thank you, Dr. Bernstein. That doesn't mean I discovered
      America, or that I will come out in the Anti-Aging Hall of
      Fame... but it gives me pleasure and satisfaction to know
      that Dr. Bernstein agrees with my simple idea: that aging
      occurs faster when blood glucose levels are high.

      Period. That is all I got for my half hour.

      But I learned A LOT in the 3 hours as A LISTENER, in his
      initial interview, and then in his physical exam of Richard
      Smith. I learned SO MUCH that I might even end up writing
      a BOOK about physical exams for diabetes neuropathy.

      I then FORGOT everything else I could have and should have asked
      him, and my time was UP... It was an extremely expensive
      vanity interview (for the sake of MY vanity,) so I did not
      remember what else I wanted to ask him, and the interview was

      I DID get his autograph on my book, which is a First Edition
      of Diabetes Solution... It says:

      "To Ellis It was great meeting you. Dick Bernstein 4/25/07"

      That was worth the trip. I do wish it had been a little LESS
      EXPENSIVE to get his autograph and to fulfill a dream of meeting
      Dr. Bernstein, but dreams can be expensive.

      My thanks to Richard Smith, for allowing me to come along
      as a listener, and for his wonderful hospitality having me as
      a guest in his home. I am very fortunate that I get to meet so
      many of the subscribers on Rejuvenation.

      - Ellis]

      Ellis Toussier Bigio wrote:

      Dr. Bernstein calls Symlin, a brand name for synthetic amylin,
      "a miracle drug".

      Listen to the MP3 here:

      http://www.askdrber nstein.com/ resources. html

      Amylin is the major satiety hormone of the body (satiety = "makes
      you feel satisfied" with hunger.)

      Amylin is a hormone produced by the Beta cells of the pancreas,
      which are the same cells that produce insulin. It is probably
      very similar to insulin, because it lowers blood glucose so much
      that it might cause hypoglycemia. So it is probably a type
      of insulin, although they are speaking of it as if it is a
      different hormone (so they don't scare the millions of people
      who are overweight.. .) Dr. Bernstein says it is "unbelievably
      effective" to curb hunger, thus his patients are losing a lot
      of weight.

      The problem in this world, as I have said before, is to decide
      Who will I believe... Well... I believe Dr. Bernstein, and I
      am sure he is sincere when he says it is a miracle drug...

      But FOR WHO is amylin a miracle? Not for me. It might be very
      interesting for me, but I AM NOT A DIABETIC type I or type II...
      I am not even FAT...

      So... it is all in the point of view of the beholder. Apparently
      I don't NEED amylin because I am NOT always hungry. So I could
      probably live my entire life and not miss a hormone that helps
      me to lose weight.

      But amylin is probably a great hormone for persons who ARE
      Diabetic... Diabetics Type I don't HAVE beta cells, and diabetics
      Type II have fewer Beta cells... so they are both lacking insulin
      AND ALSO amylin. So any hormone that is entirely missing or severely
      lacking would be a miracle hormone for those persons who need it...
      so they can control their urge to eat constantly.. . and is probably
      great for persons who are not diabetic yet, but are already FAT.

      As for me... My "miracle drugs" are GROWTH HORMONE and TESTOSTERONE
      and EPO and INSULIN... all are true "miracle drugs"... no doubt
      about it...

      Amylin is also a "miracle drug" because for the first time in
      human history it is produced in a laboratory, and we can buy it
      and use it. (it is not for sale in Mexico, yet, but if I would
      want to use it I can buy it in the U.S.A.) - Ellis

      I spoke with Richard Smith (Rejuvenation subscriber) last night,
      before the teleconference with Dr. Bernstein. And today he called
      me to say that he made an appointment to go see Dr. Bernstein in
      April... and... he invited me to be present at his appointment if
      I would like to go. That would be GREAT.

      And of course I would like to go, but I am still not certain
      that I can go, because of money problems... but... I am really
      hoping to go, so maybe I will be in New York City in April.

      If so, it would be very nice to have another "Lunch With Ellis"
      and meet my friends in the East Coast.

      In fact it would be great to have a two day seminar, if I could
      organize it... I want to organize a two day seminar in Los
      Angeles or New York, in October.

      - Ellis

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