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  • hangbrains2005
    Hi I was just shown the Ellis hgh light. I have been injecting 3iu of serostim for 2 wks now. Observations and questions. 5 9 210 lbs. 47 years old. After
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2006
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      I was just shown the Ellis hgh light. I have been injecting 3iu of
      serostim for 2 wks now. Observations and questions.

      5' 9" 210 lbs. 47 years old.

      After 3iu of ghg daily for 2 weeks:

      Have lost 6 lbs without excercise or diet (excercise starts this
      5 days a week.

      A bit of improvement on skin.

      Most days very energetic, especially 15 minutes after injection.

      Blood pressure has dropped! I am currently taking meds for
      hypertension. On meds alone, I was still borderline 130 over 90 for
      example. Since HGH, i have registered as low as 90/70! My average
      is around 105/75.

      BIG SIDE EFFECT! Pretty bad Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Arms and hands
      (especially right side) fall totally asleep most nights. Big time
      painful when feeling returns. It is also painful to make fist.

      My lower back, which has always been a bit of a problem, has greater
      pain now.

      I like 3 iu's and I am willing to wait these side effects out if I
      have to, I do not want to drop dosage. Will these side effects
      eventually go away??

      [Hello Nick... I think you should DROP your dose to ONE iu per
      day for the next two weeks; if the pains cease, you can put up
      your dose SLOWLY to 2 iu... Why 3 iu??? Who told you to start
      with 3 iu? Ellis]

      Now I will write down my supplement regiment. If anyone sees
      anything hideous or nauseatingly dumb, pleae write and yell at me.

      When I was younger, I powerlifted on college team and ran about 30
      miles a week. All that running ripped apart my knee and I had to
      have it cleaned out along with a hernia repaired. I recovered and
      never started excercising again. I ballooned up to the corpulent
      excuse of a human being that I am now. I am hypertensive and
      cholestorol is around 240.

      Therefore, I began HGH and supplementation for 2 weeks now and will
      work in free weight and running starting week 3. My supplements are
      as follows:

      HGH- 3 iu, everyday

      CAYENNE PEPPER, HAWTHORNE BERRY, GARLIC- for hypertension and cardio.
      FISH OILS- for cholestorol and cardio
      VITAMIN C 6000MG
      NIASPAN-time released Niacin, for cholestorol. Watch out for flush!!
      SAW PALMETTO- for a healthy happy bladder
      ARIMIDEX- to prevent me from becoming another Dolly Parton

      There you have it. I am really pumped about the HGH. I miss feeling
      good and looking good. I want it back. If there is anything anyone
      could add to make my program better I would appreciate it big time.

      So many of you sound so knowledgeable about this stuff, I need to
      milk you for good info. Thank you everyone for listening


      [Nick, your overall program sounds like you are on the right
      wavelength but not yet in the right frequency... but you will
      get there... stick to us... read all my pages... everything I
      do is good, nothing is bad or fattening, and everything is
      far out but correct. Start by studying my 8 Point program,
      then start doing whatever you think is logical for
      you, one by one...

      start here: http://www.rajeun.net/rejuvenation.html

      Welcome to Rejuvenation. - Ellis]
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