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hGH releasers revisited

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  • Tom Roper
    In my rush to call Ellis on his remark that he had tried hGH releasers for years -when what he meant was that he d tried injections for years and one releaser
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2005
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      In my rush to call Ellis on his remark that he had tried hGH releasers for
      years -when what he meant was that he'd tried injections for years and one
      releaser for a very short time- I've come off as champion of GH releasers.

      Ellis: [I took Durk Pearson's "Be Your Best" which contained 6 grams of
      arginine, continuously from 1992 to 1994... At the time I took it, I also
      began to take liquid micilized vitamins that I still take, and I changed my
      diet to what I then thought was correct: 60% Carbs, 20% protein, 20% fat...
      and I also began to go more often to the gym. I got some results, but
      how can I tell you what was due to taking vitamins and a change of diet
      and an increase in going to the gym? When I used it, I thought I could
      "feel" something, but it was not very dramatic, and it did not really
      make my face look younger. I was healthy anyways, and it is difficult
      to feel better when you already are healthy... and still in mid 40's.

      I stopped taking "Be Your Best" from 1995 to 1998 due to the economic
      crisis in Mexico in early 1995, which basically ruined me also.

      When I began to use injectible growth hormone in June, 1998, I actually
      could "feel" a surge of energy going through my body the first week...
      nothing like this ever happened with "Be Your Best"... and I looked
      better almost right away... I could see the changes in my face in two
      weeks, and I could see and feel more and better changes nearly every
      day for the first six months. This is why I say "there is no comparison"
      between injectible growth hormone and amino acids... they are like
      the Major Leagues compared to the Little Leagues... - Ellis]

      Tom: I consider them (GH releasers) decades behind the times.

      More important, I found that they took superhuman effort. I followed Durk
      Pearson almost to the letter. Most of us have brains that are like hunt
      and peck on a manual typewriter. Pearson evidently has a brain like the
      most colossal, liquid-cooled, mega-sized super computer.

      I'm always going to follow Pearson's thinking before I take the word of any
      of the manual typewriters among us.

      A lot of naysayers on this list about releasers. To set my credentials,
      look at me at 60, opposed to Ellis at 60, and temper it with the thought
      that a million other things could have cut all my body fat and left me a
      lean, hungry athlete. Send a blank e-mail, subject GH, to tar00@... .

      At 60, I sparred a 24 year old professional world's kickboxing champion -
      Lafayette Lawson. We sparred three times with him being the first to ask
      for a break. Now 72, I recently sparred a 26 year old, tough, tattooed
      barroom brawler that thought he had a career as a pro. Three times were
      enough for him. Except for his weight (a heavyweight), I think he did
      have prospects.

      I no longer do peak output exercise to release growth hormones but I do
      continue to train at about half the level I trained as a pro fighter.

      In a separate e-mail, for the few who're somewhat interested, I'll explain
      how I used arginine and ornithine (no lysine, though I had a kilo) to
      whittle my physique into lean muscle that let me compete with professional
      athletes who were in their prime, and who were releasing hGH naturally.

      My tale of how hard it was for me will likely change anyone's mind that
      releasers are the way to go.

      But if you're broke, like I am till my wife passes the bar, you could do
      a lot worse than giving the right releasers the right kind of try.

      If you're just an aging body, better stick to injections, which are on
      my horizon.

      [Hello Tom... Well... you confuse me. Please tell us how you used
      arginine and ornithine, and tell us why you didn't use lysine... What
      are you using now? This information can help LTKPN to try a good
      combination of amino acids (plus acetyl-l-carnitine) during which
      period he is going to take IGF-1 tests.

      The problem with using amino acids and not taking IGF-1 tests is that
      all we are left with to judge is better physiques... and good and
      better physiques can be had without amino acids, with only a change
      of diet and vitamins and more exercise.

      Every single study I have seen by manufacturers of amino acids who try
      to tell us how their product is a good substitute for injectible growth
      hormone shows that IGF-1 levels are in mid or upper one hundred. (ie,
      120 to 199). I don't recall any, except in myself, dropping from 500
      to 250 in two weeks, which shows IGF-1 in the 200's.

      Greg Watson, who is a big proponent of amino acids, took an IGF-1 blood
      test in his country, Australia, and he got results in the 300's... but
      what a coincidence... I don't give much credence to an IGF-1 blood test
      taken in Australia, not because I don't trust Australia or his laboratory,
      but because it was probably the only IGF-1 test they took in Australia in
      that lab in that year. I only trust my IGF-1 tests taken here in Mexico
      City because they are sent to Quest Laboratories in California, because
      otherwise there are not that many IGF-1 tests being done in my lab in
      Mexico City either. (now there are more than there were in 1998...) and
      IGF-1 tests are not that accurate to begin with, as Dr. Cranton pointed
      out: http://www.rajeun.net/cranton.html

      So... are you for amino acids, and do you find that they are useful,
      and how useful? - Ellis]
    • Vasilis Capoyleas
      Dear Ellis and all, My experience with GH releasers is along the lines of what Tom Ropper says in this email message. I am sure I am getting amazing relults
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 2 8:07 AM
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        Dear Ellis and all,

        My experience with GH releasers is along the lines of what Tom Ropper
        says in this email message. I am sure I am getting amazing relults but
        it takes a lot of dilligent effort, studying and trial and error. For
        about 4 years now I have kept changing my regimen and in fact I was
        ready to start HGH injections a few months ago, but then I had a
        breakthrough and decided to postpone it a little more.

        I should add that for an older person (I am 39) it should be even more
        difficult to get results with releasers.

        Anyway, for what it is worth, here is my regimen (I mean only the part
        that has to do with HGH releasers):

        Before going to bed, after at least 5 hours since the last meal (pretty

        - 1gr Niacin
        - 10 grams Arginine, Ornithin, Lysine mixture (Arginine should be
        Arginine Pyroglutamate but I am currently out of it).
        - 18 grams GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid).
        - 10 grams Glycin.
        - 4mg Hydergine.
        - 1gr Calcium Pantothenate.
        - 400 mg vit B6.

        This is for me, do not just go ahead and try it. Most people would get
        the runs from it (I am at the threshold).

        GABA plus niacin gives me flushing for about 30 seconds and shortness
        of breath (for a few breaths); scary if you do not know what it is.

        Ellis: [Can you please tell us WHY you use each of these ingredients? For
        example, what is the reason that you use 1 gram of Niacin and 18 grams
        of GABA? What is the reason why you use 10 grams of Glycine? That is
        all A BIG BIG dose of amino acid combination! It adds up to more than
        40 GRAMS of powder!... I suppose you mix it in a large glass of water.
        It would be interesting if you would measure your glucose levels before
        and after this combination. I predict it would raise your glucose levels,
        in me it would go to about 140 mg/dl... if it does, I suggest you take
        the same, but in two half-doses 30 minutes apart. - Ellis]

        I cannot tell you the effect on my IGF-1 levels because I need to get a
        little bit more organized over here (I spend a lot of time in Greece)
        before doing reliable IGF measuring (one of the reasons I am not on HGH
        injections yet).

        I am getting all the results normally attributed to HGH (look younger,
        sharper night vision, much more energy, leaner, more muscle, more hair,
        more black hair, sharper thinking, etc.)

        Tom, I would be interested to know how you do it.

        Overall, I agree with Tom that HGH releasers may work but only if one is
        quite diligent about it.



        Tom Roper wrote:

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