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Re: HGH for three months...

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  • T Cooper
    Dear Norm, What you are referring to with respect to the rise in uric acid is gout... which I understand manifests primarily in a persons feet.. with swelling
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 27, 2005
      Dear Norm,

      What you are referring to with respect to the rise in uric acid is gout...
      which I understand manifests primarily in a persons feet.. with swelling
      and soreness etc... of course, I am no doctor nor do I have any medical
      expertise at all... sounds to me like you may just be overdoing it a bit
      with the skiing... even someone who is fit and who is an avid and
      experienced skiier falls and should expect some soreness... I'm not a
      skiier either but I know some people who ski and they all have told me
      that it is a very taxing sport... maybe you should approach the skiing as
      you would a workout in the gym... a few days on and a few days off...

      Also a question with respect to the use of GH and testosterone and DHEA...
      it is my understanding that DHEA increases the testosterone levels so why
      use testosterone in conjunction with it? And it is also my understanding
      that GH will also set off a chain reaction with respect to other hormones
      such as testosterone etc...

      And is there a difference in DHEA products such as the difference in the
      efficacy of a product sold just as DHEA and one that is sold as
      Keto 7 DHEA? I was told by someone that Keto 7 DHEA is preferrable...
      and raises your testosterone level more...

      I don't know how much of that hormone anybody wants to have tho'...and
      I'm sure that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, too.

      Testosterone is known to make people more aggressive and if you have ever
      run into a woman who is producing too many male hormones then you can
      clearly see it... her hair thins sometimes to the point of balding and
      she may have facial hair and in these women their seems to be an element
      of what most people would consider as instability...

      Ellis: [Testosterone is a very good hormone, and in the right dose it does
      not cause aggresivity. The correct dose for women is about 10% or 20% the
      correct dose of males, and it is also very important in women. It declines
      to nearly zero in women, so to supplement with the correct dose of
      testosterone might be even more important in women than in men. I
      am not sure what is the "correct dose" but for me, it is "a shot" every
      few weeks. I have taken a shot in an irregular pattern for nearly 4 or
      5 years, with no side effects, and I would say with benefits. - Ellis]

      Again, Ellis, all these hormones to tiptoe through... it's kind of like
      trying to walk through a minefield...

      I think the best approach to take is to shoot for as much balance as you
      can achieve with as little introduction of hormones from outside sources
      as possible...

      As for me and my experience with GH thus far, it seems to have alleviated
      the hot flashes... and it did it very quickly... and with a low dose...it
      has relieved the aches and pains associated with menopause and it helps me
      sleep much better... which in turn has relieved a lot of the irritability
      I was experiencing... and all this was almost from the first injection...

      of course, I am still waiting to hear about any possible side effect with
      respect to closed angle glaucoma and/or cataracts...

      A note to Annette: sounds as tho' you are fighting a lot of battles at
      once and at a time when you are least able to do so... that in and of itself
      can make you feel fatigued and hopeless... I have no idea what the situation
      is in California with respect to social services and such or with respect
      to insurance companies acting in bad faith... but you may find that for the
      time being you would be eligible for some kind of temporary assistance with
      medical bills until the situation is settled with your insurance company...

      I know, you feel like you just want to crawl into bed and not have to deal
      with one more thing... Do you have family there who can help out some...
      sometimes a letter to the Insurance Commissioner of your state can do some
      good as far as getting the insurance company to get moving on the payment
      of your bills... from what I have read about the State budget in California,
      it would behoove the Insurance Commissioner to make the insurance company
      uphold its end of the contract...

      And if not, then the state can pay the bills...then they (the state and the
      insurance company) can fight about who should do what instead of you having
      to do it right now...

      I wish you well and hope that you will be able to find some way to get beyond
      this difficult time and come away from it feeling better and happier...

      Dear Ellis,

      Thanks for the info on the one click pen device...actually, my hubby was
      asking me about it since he does much better on-line research than I do...
      and he's the one who faints if he even sees a needle coming in his direction...

      I think after he read some about HGH and he saw that I was determined to start
      the HGH program while we are here in Mexico and we'll be here as we were last
      year until May, that at some point he may be interested in trying it too.

      I have even been taking glucose readings on a regular basis for the last few
      days to get a feel for how I feel at certain levels... As I said in my letter
      to you, I took my first injection last night.. I was surprised that I slept as
      well as I did without waking even once during the night...

      Of course, I also took melatonin too, which I have been taking for recurring
      sleep problems... I expect at some point I will be able to stop using that.
      I had expected more of a spike in my blood glucose levels but am pleased to
      say that we had lunch today at a lovely little restaurant in Akumal this
      afternoon and I tested one hour afterward and my glucose level was only
      131... which is good for me... but I am determined to do what I know is
      better for me and make better food choices and it certainly has showed
      today... instead of a hamburger with fries and a coke I had a turkey and
      black bean wrap and salad and a small glass of orange juice... actually, I
      had expected to get a bit of a higher reading because of the orange juice
      than I did... I guess my body was so grateful for getting a little
      thoughtfulness from me for a change that it responded in kind...

      As I said in my last letter to you we are literally rotting our bodies
      (fermenting) them to death prematurely with all the garbage we have been
      putting into ourselves and allowing our kids to eat... I had a friend who
      died of stomach and liver cancer several years ago and I noticed that about
      two or three years before he died that he began to lean more and more toward
      sweets... now I have no way of knowing if, what I now believe, in retrospect,
      to be sugar cravings were indicative of the fact that he had something
      seriously wrong with him, or if the increase in sugar in his diet might have
      exacerbated his condition but I do feel that it was somehow related...

      Unfortunately, my best efforts to try convince him to go for a complete
      checkup long prior to his diagnosis fell on deaf ears and he died exactly
      three weeks after he was diagnosed...

      Just a little personal info that might support the Korean test that Gary
      sent you concerning high glucose levels and cancer. My friend even told me
      that he was rotting from the inside out.. after he was diagnosed... too bad
      he didn't realize that before... he might have had a better diagnosis than

      Again, thanks for sending my order to Playa Del Carmen... next order will
      probably be from Chetumal... and I will be in touch with questions...
      probably needing advice... You've been using HGH for about as long as I have
      been wanting to use it...

      I saw an article about it being used in Mexico in the Yucatan right after I
      had that heart attack and I've read all that I have been able to find on the
      subject. And I have seen firsthand what a difference it can make as
      well... Since, I have also known someone who uses it too and he's a doctor

      I'm also hoping that the HGH will resolve the problems I've been having with
      Hormone Replacement Therapy/bio-identical hormones... will let you know how
      that goes as well.

      Thanks again,


      [Hello Terry... Thanks for your two letters, they are both very interesting,
      and full of insights... I didn't interrupt with comments as I usually do,
      to let your thoughts flow... except to comment my opinion of testosterone.

      I object, however, to the attack on Insurance companies... Insurance is
      a business... as an insurance agent from, 1970 to 1988, I was approached
      MANY MANY times by insured persons wanting my help to make fake claims, or
      to issue or predate policies that would have been certain to lose, because
      they had ALREADY suffered a loss.

      Of course I never lent myself to this, but if insurance companies are not
      always willing to pay it is because customers are also very willing to abuse.

      The insurance policy is a contract, and it spells out exactly what is covered
      and what is not covered... some things are simply not covered, as much as you
      might WISH they would cover them, and growth hormone is often excluded from
      many insurance policies... I only know of some very large group policies that
      might cover growth hormone, and not everybody is covered by a large group

      But remember... if growth hormone therapy, (or amigdalitis, or giving
      birth, etc) is covered by a large group policy, and "everybody" claims
      growth hormone deficiency and gets "free" growth hormone, in the end the
      insurance premium has to be 30% higher than the ANTICIPATED expenses...
      so then the insured company finds it less expensive to NOT cover it, and
      then your problem becomes a fight with your company, that is not an
      insurance company. It is much better to be insured and perhaps fight with
      an insurance company, than to not be insured and to fight with your company.
      - Ellis]

      Norman wrote: HGH for three months

      ... http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Rejuvenation/message/8857 Joint swelling and pain is one of the most common symptoms of too much GH---at least that is
      Message 2 of 5 , Jan 27, 2005
        --- Norman Selden wrote:

        Joint swelling and pain is one of the most common
        symptoms of too much GH---at least that is what I have
        read on numerous occasions.

        Ellis: [You are right, I think I missed this... In any case,
        I missed it, but I gave him correct advice. I wrote:

        "In my opinion, you should drop your dose to 1 iu. and that might
        lessen the joint pains and swelling fingers."

        And he wrote back to say in the message below that he has reduced
        his dose to 1 iu.... So... all is well that ends well... - Ellis]

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