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* * * ELLIS - ABSURD re: causes of Type II D

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  • mikegow
    Randy, with all due respect (in re simple/complex carbs), there have been studies done (documented) of total deprivation of carbs. There is no documented case
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2004
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      Randy, with all due respect (in re simple/complex carbs), there have been
      studies done (documented) of total deprivation of carbs. There is no
      documented case of anyone dying from lack of carbohydrates.

      Look at Eskimos, who go months on end with nothing but whale blubber and
      seal, etc. to eat. The Eskimos had virtually no cases of "white mans "
      diseases, till they started eating the "white mans " diet.

      We have a tribe of Indians, in southwest, who are noted for their incidence
      of type 2 diabetes, they, also, were nearly disease free till starting to eat
      simple carbs.

      These studies can be looked up, if you so choose.

      I have never seen Ellis tell anyone to not eat carbs, just watch the glycemic
      index of foods ingested, and go from there.



      [Hello Mike... Thanks for your post, pointing out that the Eskimos
      have not gone into ketosis... however, I wonder if a "white man" would
      go into ketosis if he does not eat some carbohydrates...? In any case,
      I have never said we should eat like Eskimos... I eat lots of ANIMAL
      ORIGIN, plus lots of VEGETABLES, and some FRUITS, and nuts and beans...
      I am sure there are some carbs in the sauces too... Dr. Bernstein also
      does not advocate totally leaving carbs, since vegetables have carbs
      and Dr. Bernstein recommends plenty of vegetables in his example diets
      too... but there is no good reason I can think of to eat bread and
      cereals and corn and rice, as advocated by the U.S.D.A. Food Guide
      Pyramid, and THAT, I am saying, raises glucose levels too much, which
      causes diabetes down the road somewhere... this is "according to Ellis"

      In any case, IF I AM RIGHT, you win... and IF I AM WRONG, you don't
      lose anything... There is no problem leaving spaghetti and pasta and
      rice and corn and potatoes and pizzas and tortillas and bread and cookies
      and cakes and cereals and sweets and dried fruits, etc., and sugar...

      So if there is no problem to leave them, and you leave them because of
      my ridiculous and mistaken advice, what's the problem? The only possible
      complaint is that you are missing out on all those delicious foods...
      I agree, you missed out on delicious foods, but what is the big problem?
      - Ellis

      By the way, Mike... What is your protocol to increase Quality and
      Length of Life? Let's hear it!

      Happy January 1st, 2005! Only 364 days left until 2006. - Ellis]

      Michael R."odjob" Gow, CPS, CHS-V, CFC, CWEMT
      The S2A Security Group
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      Personal Protection/Security
      Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
      Self Defense Training, Tactics & Procedures
      Refuse to be a victim instructor
      Protocols to increase Quality
      and Length of Life.
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