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* * * Why Politicians Kiss Babies

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  • lee groth
    Why Politicians Kiss Babies I have on a couple of occasions suggested alternative options to ill elderly friends. . . and been uniformly ignored, just as I was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2002
      Why Politicians Kiss Babies

      I have on a couple of occasions suggested alternative options to ill
      elderly friends. . . and been uniformly ignored, just as I was this
      time around. So if you hope to have older folks try out EPO, consider
      my guess as to how others may think. This is only a wild conjecture on
      my part, mind you!

      The reputations of used car salesmen, rest homes, and auto repair shops
      stem from their taking complete advantage of the customer�s ignorance.
      You would think those �medically challenged� would enter �human repair�
      shops with all the trepidation of a society debutante having her Jag
      dragged into Ed�s Local Auto Fixit. But they don�t because they
      resolve to find Marcus Welby (or Dr. Kildare, etc.). Religious
      tradition tells them by analogy that once He is found, they will be
      saved. One searches for Marcus Welby�s respectability, social
      standing, and human touch by making personal connection with potential
      doctors. (In a similar fashion my mother voted for Nixon because, �He
      was a family man.�)

      The patient uses a psychology-based decision making process to
      substitute for their inability to perform a technical-logical analysis
      of their doctor�s performance. He discusses personal, not medical
      details, morally judging the man, not the doctor, paying attention to
      his tones, the nuances of conversation, etc. Doctors must pick up on
      this. Our cardiologist told us that he contributed $10,000 to our

      [This was the cardiologist that refused your father EPO, etc.? - Ellis]

      Although forced on us through our lack of expertise in specialized
      fields, the psychology-based method for choosing services might be
      the more practiced one. Its practitioners may consider it to be more
      devilishly clever method, a private trick that puts you one-up on the
      world. You have only to feel out the right doctor, then lie back and
      confidently let this mensch �do you�. You are absolved of the sin of
      ignorance, having used this special path to revealed truth.

      The elderly patient is particularly vulnerable, as his fears of disease
      and dying are heightened. Establishment Medicine becomes omniscient
      and all-powerful, attaining cult status. He becomes almost religiously
      dependant upon his personal representative of Established Medicine. To
      oppose the physician is to oppose Establishment Medicine itself. So if
      there is malpractice, your only recourse lies in further supplications
      to that physician. If you opposed your own physician, no other doctor
      would ever treat you again. If he determines your case is terminal,
      you contritely pack your bags and take a last trip to Hawaii. One of
      my relatives did just that.

      Technical knowledge and interests are even less relevant now because of
      this new commitment. They respond to medical discourse with, �I�m not
      interested!� So how do you approach such people with alternative medicine


      [Three stars for this post. Lee, you have a knack for writing. There
      is a lot of truth to what you say, and it is thought provoking. On the
      other hand, if you have a good doctor, you have a great ally, don't you?

      The problem is knowing WHO WILL I BELIEVE? That is why the collective
      mind, the internet, is so valuable. People write to me often to ask
      for me to recommend an anti-aging doctor, and of course I can only
      recommend the ones that I know. But there are many more that are excellent

      I think that in the field of Anti-Aging Medicine you will find many bright
      doctors that agree with our view, because it takes a maverick and free
      thinker to want to PREVENT damage, where most other doctors are working
      full time at repairing the damage that has already been done, they have
      plenty of patients and little time to wonder about what is good for the
      patient. They do for their patient that which cannot be criticized, they
      never attempt anything far-out which might succeed better, and on to the
      next one.- Ellis]
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