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Son of Lazarus Long

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  • Ellis Toussier-Ades Bigio-Antebi
    I had the following exchange of correspondence with Robert, who has asked that I post it here. I am very thankful to all those who wrote to me to show
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2001
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      I had the following exchange of correspondence with "Robert," who
      has asked that I post it here.

      I am very thankful to all those who wrote to me to show support,
      and I am flattered by his nice feelings for me. He says he
      thinks of me as a "Son of Lazarus Long" which is a big honor.

      Thank you, to all. - Ellis

      ("Subject" edited for this post)

      From: Robert
      To: Ellis
      Subject: Like A Seagull

      Dear Ellis:

      It is amazing. I have been reading your posts for more than a year
      now, and it is so wonderful to see how you ride over your detractors
      like a seagull over an ocean wave... and how an army of supporters
      come out of the woodwork to thank you for your selfless work for

      Again... I am amazed. I think it is mute testimony to the fact that
      what you put out in life is what you will get back....the law of the
      echo. so in my humble opinion... it is "el corazon".... your good
      heart.... which comes through.... and people give back.

      From: Ellis Toussier
      To: Robert
      Subject: My Army

      Hello Robert,

      My "army" of supporters are real people that I have helped, or who
      have learned from me, or who have learned from others on

      I think I should explain why I wrote, once upon a time, that I don't
      sell growth hormone: at that time I didn't sell it... I would HELP
      people to buy it at my wholesale cost, and then they paid me for my
      help and time, like a consultant. So I really wasn't selling growth
      hormone, then. I changed that system later on, because it felt too
      much like I was receiving a "tip" and I feel better setting a price.
      It is easier for people to accept it that way also. I still feel that
      everything I am doing is to help people to buy growth hormone and
      other medicines at an affordable price.

      And I have learned as much as I have taught, because everything I
      have taught I first had to learn, and I learned it from somebody
      else. I am only like a radio station, broadcasting the news... I
      don't make the news, I just repeat it.

      Doctors from around the world (from the U.S., Canada, England, India,
      Argentina, Mexico, Columbia, etc.) really have said that they have
      learned a lot from me, or from Rejuvenation, and they really have
      asked questions such as: at what dose should they start their
      patients with? Of course I learned that from other doctors, first.
      That is how we help each other to learn: first we learn, then we

      Thanks for writing,


      From: Robert
      To: Ellis
      Subject: Son of Lazarus Long

      Dear Ellis:

      I am not trying to flatter you, but is there any way you can perceive
      yourself as a true pioneer in the GH field, as an advisor working to
      provide important information to people in need of guidance?

      It may be silly but this is how I think of you... as a sort of "Son
      of Lazarus Long" of the Web.

      You would be doing me a great favor if you posted the above
      information on the Rejuvenation Message Board, as further evidence to
      your detractors that your monetary interests are not avaricious, but
      reasonable, by any standard.

      Warmest Regards,

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