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Re: [Rejuvenation]* * * The most effective HGH schedule

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  • bigdoc127@cs.com
    Ellis, From my own experience to date, I believe you ll get your best results, by far, from injecting the entire 7 mg (21 iu s) of HGH during the non-keto week
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2000

      From my own experience to date, I believe you'll get your best results, by
      far, from injecting the entire 7 mg (21 iu's) of HGH during the non-keto week
      (1 mg every day Sunday through Saturday, assuming you restart keto again on
      Monday morning).

      I seem to be getting progressively better results with each successive cycle.
      I'm on day 5 of my ketosis week right now, and I still have a muscle pump
      with no decrease at all in arm size or strength after 5 days of ketosis.
      That's never happened before, and I am euphoric about it. I can't wait to
      see what new gains I'll make next week injecting 5 mg of HGH and eating carbs
      again. I haven't experienced such rapid gains since I quit injecting
      steroids. I wouldn't stop doing this cycle right now no matter what my
      IGF-1 readings were (if I could afford them). Never say "Wooo" in a horse race.

      I believe that by dropping your IGF-1 to very low levels during days 3, 4,
      and 5 of your keto week will be better for you in the long run than injecting
      1½ iu's everyday non stop, no matter how high your IGF-1 levels run during
      your non-keto week, from the standpoint of preserving pituitary function.
      There is very little research to date about the pharmacodynamics of GH, and
      no available data about the long term effects of HGH use on the pituitary.
      I'm convinced that my new 2-week diet/HGH cycle is a safer and far more
      effective way to use HGH than anyway I've tried before.


      [O.K., Doc. I'll try it, and I'll report what happens. I'll do it starting
      with my next vial. You will have to tell me exactly what I should eat in
      both weeks. Would you like for me to take an IGF-1 blood test, or how will
      we measure what is "success"? - Ellis]
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