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Re: degenerative disc disease, water depletion

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  • jagadish G
    ... Dear Ellis, I am not against inj.rGH and other supplements. I had just advocated to incorporate simple but effective remedy like water therapy with
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 1999
      --- jagadish G <clinicjg@...> wrote:
      > From: jagadish G <clinicjg@...>
      > Dear SJB,
      > If you are interested,I would like to offer you simple but very
      > effective management of degenerative disc disease.This has a scientific
      > basis and I can provide you details if you are skeptical about what I am
      > saying.It has been suggested that the main cause of degenrative disc
      > disease is chronic water depletion, in the sense,if you are not consuming
      > sufficient water(10to 12 glasses per day)you are prone for connective,
      > skeletal degenerative conditions.We have a thirst center in the brain but
      > it is said signal sent from this centre is not sufficient to meet our daily
      > requirement of water intake.What I mean to say is you should consume 10 to
      > 12 glasses of water in divided doses daily whether you are thirsty or not.
      > To have real rehydration effect of water in degenerative disc
      > disease,you have to consume 1 glass(100ml)of water HALF AN HOUR BEFORE
      > FOOD. You will see the results in 6 months hoping you continue water
      > drinking habit as mentioned.Though rHGH,anabolic steroids,proteins,general
      > health,calcium supplements do help but long run cures are not promising
      > without dependence of these doubtful expensive medications.Safest would be
      > consume 10 to 12 glasses of water daily and don't forget to drink one
      > glass of water half an hour before food.The same also works miraculously
      > in degenerative joint disease(Ostoarthritis.)
      > Dr.Jagadish
      > [If you depend on these "doubtful expensive medications" in the long run,
      > but they help to cure you, I think they are good, don't you think so? I
      > don't doubt that what you suggest, to drink 10 to 12 glasses of water a
      > day will help this patient, but Dr. Hughes has pointed out that rHGH will
      > definitely help rehydrate the discs, so I think rHGH is an indicated
      > medicine for this patient, even if the long term "dangers" or rHGH are
      > still not known, and even if it is expensive. As for anabolic steroids...
      > I don't know enough about them, but they might also be indicated... and
      > so might proteins to help rebuild bone, and calcium. I don't understand
      > why you seem to be against these, Dr. Jagadish. Are you suggesting this
      > patient should depend only on pure water to aleviate his disease? - Ellis]

      Dear Ellis,

      I am not against inj.rGH and other supplements. I had just advocated
      to incorporate simple but effective remedy like water therapy with whatever
      conventional therapy avialable. This is also a preventive measure to check
      dehydration in the tissues. Is not safe to use preventive measures than
      taking inj.rGH lifelong JUST for degenerative disc disease condition. (if
      you have to plan as a part of antiageing, then yes, you are right)

      [O.K., excuse me but I misunderstood your post. In fact I think I will
      also make an effort to increase my daily water intake to 10 or 12 glasses
      of water each day. It should even be mentioned more prominently as a part
      of my personal program, which is a model that many people have written to
      tell me they follow. Once I write it, this helps me to do it, because I
      try to follow the saying "Practice what you preach" Thank you. - Ellis]

      > --- boracchia@... wrote:
      > > From: boracchia@...
      > >
      > > Does anyone have any experience with GH injection and improvement of
      > > degenerative disc disease? I know it can increase muscle mass which
      > > can help, but exercise can do that. I am looking for specific results
      > > such as rehydration/repair of discs themselves.
      > >
      > > Also I would like to start injectible hGH anyway for the other benefits.
      > > How much should I get and how much should I expect to pay. My doc is in
      > > NY and says it will run about $750/ mo. Can I get it cheaper?
      > >
      > > Also I would like to know what benefits you may have recieved and how
      > long
      > >
      > > it took to notice them. Please include your age, I am 39 and otherwise
      > > very healthy.
      > >
      > > Sincerely
      > >
      > > SJB
      > >
      > > [In principle, rHGH is said to remineralize bones... I can't answer your
      > > question about rehydration /repair of discs, because I have not read
      > that
      > > directly, but I THINK it will help, because these are things it does
      > > elsewhere in the body. What is the dosage that your doctor is
      > > recommending
      > > for you to take? Buy a book "Grow Young on HGH" by Dr. Ronald Klatz,
      > and
      > > it will show you the benefits others have received. - Ellis]
      > >
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