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Re: * * * Guess: Which is the best HGH secretagogue?

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    ... Hello Frank. It is great to hear from you. Please write to me to etoussier(at)safe-mail.net and I will send it to you. I will answer briefly: The best
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 25, 2012
      --- In Rejuvenation@yahoogroups.com, "Commish" <brian.gabrielle@...> wrote:
      >hi ellis. frank lively here. the phx fireghter with the hyperbaric chamber. how do I find out what that secretagogue is?

      Hello Frank. It is great to hear from you. Please write to me to


      and I will send it to you.

      I will answer briefly: The best HGH secretagogue is HYPOGLYCEMIA. How do
      you get hypoglycemia, safely, is what my book is all about.

      I might publish it as a Kindle book, but I am afraid that if I publish it, they will make it illegal for athletes...

      By the way... If you do not have a Kindle reader on whatever device you use,
      (Windows, Apple, iPad, etc.) you can read Kindle books if you download a Kindle
      reader to your device. TODAY you can download a very good book that is
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      Dear Santa, A Christmas Story... by Jay Frankston

      I paste this:

      If you do not already have a Kindle reader installed on your computer, here is
      how to do it:

      Go to Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com
      If you don't have an amazon.com account, set it up.
      If you have one, set your mailing address somewhere in the U.S.A.

      Use the setting of the Amazon search engine to "Kindle Store"

      Once you are in Kindle Store... at the top you see "Free Reading Apps"...

      click on Free Reading Apps...

      Download a Kindle app for your computer (Windows or Apple, or iPad, etc.)
      Install it. Now you can read Kindle books!

      On the left hand side of the Kindle Book store there is a column... go to
      DEPARTMENT and click on Kindle e-books.

      on the left hand column you have CATEGORIES... choose "Fiction" or "Non-Fiction"
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      You will find A LOT of very good books to read for FREE... and also for 99 cents
      or for 2.99, etc.... The books that are free or cost 99 cents are seeking
      downloads and reviews, but you don't HAVE to give ANYBODY a book review...
      they are free, and you can keep it forever.

      And every day there are new, great books, on promotion, for zero dollars and
      zero cents ! I have gotten hundreds of EXCELLENT books, free...

      I am READING MORE than ever, and I am as excited about this as when I
      first learned to navigate on the Internet, and I could hardly get away from the
      computer... I couldn't sleep at night... because it was so incredible. This is
      just as incredible.

      > Ellis:
      > You said:
      > "The therapy described in the Grow Taller book will revolutionize
      > anti-aging therapies. It is a cheap and extremely powerful
      > secretagogue that you can buy without a prescription in the U.S.A.
      > and any country in the world. It is much more powerful than
      > arginine or ornithine or lysine...
      > I am not a big fan of secretagogues for myself, but if you can't get
      > HGH, this is the secretagogue you should try."
      > Ellis, please elaborate - which is this secretagogue?
      > Ellis: Aha! You want to know which is the secretagogue...
      > well, I will tell you which are NOT the best secretagogue...
      > Here is what it says on the front page:
      > The ILLEGAL GUIDE to
      > How Kids Can Grow Taller
      > WITHOUT
      > Injectable Human Growth Hormone (HGH).
      > And without surgery, growth-hormone releasing-hormone,
      > clonidine, IGF-1, amino acids (arginine, lysine,
      > ornithine, glutamine, etc.) or vitamin B-3...
      > exercise: not required...
      > diet: not required...
      > How SHORT KIDS (up to age 21) can make the Pituitary Gland
      > release the equivalent of perhaps 1 to 4 iu injectable HGH
      > (human growth hormone) per day with a pill that costs 10 cents,
      > and does not require a medical prescription.
      > Ellis: O.K. now a guessing game... Can you guess which is the
      > secretagogue I am talking about? Can any DOCTOR tell me which
      > is the single best HGH secretagogue in the world?
      > I will send an autographed copy of the book to whoever has not
      > already read the book who can guess correctly: which is the
      > secretagogue I am referring to?
      > - Ellis
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