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About Dry form of macular degeneration...

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  • Ellis2ca
    I was looking up macular degeneration on Google, and I found a link to an old post on Rejuvenation... I read it, and I find it is still correct... brilliant,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2012
      I was looking up "macular degeneration" on Google, and I found a link
      to an old post on Rejuvenation... I read it, and I find it is still correct...
      brilliant, in fact...

      Except my page used to be on GeoCities, which Yahoo bought then
      destroyed, so the LINK to my page doesn't work anymore...

      So... I fix the link and I send this post again, because the information
      is still very good, and it is correct, and it might help somebody today.
      - Ellis

      My father, a writer all of his life, has the "dry" form of macular degeneration.
      He's not a guy who has much tolerance for unconventional treatments, but I
      think that if I can accumulate enough evidence regarding the benefits of HGH
      as a treatment for macular degeneration, he will be interested in pursuing it.

      I have run across very little evidence myself, but I have a gut feeling that it
      would be the best treatment (along with lutin and all those more obscure
      carotenes). So, if there is any evidence out there that could help me, please
      send it in my direction.

      By "evidence," I mean scientifically conducted studies or articles concerning
      such research with references to such studies. Many thanks to all who can


      [I have put up a page about Debby Myer's experience coming to Mexico City
      for treatment of her "dry" macular degeneration with my doctor. ("dry"
      advances slower than "wet")

      Debby had been told by many doctors that there is no cure, no hope,
      and she should go home and get used to the fact that this is a
      degenerative disease and she will be blind eventually.

      She refused to accept that verdict.

      Somehow she found me on the internet, and asked me if growth
      hormone might help. (Boy, she sure found the right person to ask
      THAT question to!)

      I told her it is definitely worth a try. Her doctors in the United States
      refused to give her a prescription for growth hormone, because it has
      NOT been shown that it is a cure for macular degeneration, and what
      if it might cause cancer? etc.

      So she came to Mexico in February, 2000 for the first time.

      At that time, she would have been happy to at least slow down the
      advance of the disease and hopefully to stop its progress.

      To actually REVERSE it seemed like too much to hope for, since doctors in
      the United States have told her point blank, "there is no cure, and it will
      degenerate progressively until you are blind."

      My doctor here told her, he doesn't know the answer, but he will try
      several logical therapies simultaneously. Of course this is not the "scientific"
      way of proving that growth hormone works... or that EDTA chelation works,
      or that the other therapies he is giving her work... but the end result is
      after seven months, with growth hormone, with EDTA chelation, with
      oxygen therapy, and with a few other therapies, SOMETHING IS WORKING
      because Debby Myers has not only stopped the disease, she has REVERSED

      That is, she says she can see better and she is improving! She has come
      to Mexico three times, because the doctors in the United States that she

      Read her e-mails to me, and write to me and I will give you her e-mail
      address so your father can write to her directly. Best luck.

      And remember, when doctors tell you something can't be done, that only
      means you have to find another doctor, or find a cure yourself...

      or write to me...


      - Ellis

      James, write to me here: etoussier at hotmail.com ]
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