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* * * Training diet, nutrition and HGH at the age 40+.

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  • clarkpopeye
    Popeye: Hi Ellis, Popeye: I am 40 years of age and today have started taking HGH, 1 iu in the morning. The reason being that as I have been getting older I
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 8, 2011
      Popeye: Hi Ellis,

      Popeye: I am 40 years of age and today have started taking HGH, 1 iu in the morning. The reason being that as I have been getting older I have noticed I'm having increasing problems with golfers elbow etc.

      Even though I cycle with test twice yearly (8-12 week cycles) it doesn't seem to do anything for my tenndons, as when I cycle test I lift heavier and then seem prone to tendon injuries. Hence the reason for trying HGH.

      Now I notice from some other posts you advise a lot about sugar levels, and from being into body building I tend to eat carbs with a lot of meals i.e 70-80 grams porridge oats in the morning.

      12.00 (noon) - 3 slices whole meal bread,

      Ellis: 3 slices of any kind of bread will put MY blood glucose UP to about 140 mg/dl...

      15.00 (3:00 PM) - whole broccoli or juiced veg (half broccoli, one quarter cucumber, 6 brussel sprouts, 100 grams baby leaf spinnach, 1 lemon, one carrot, half apple, half avocado).

      Ellis: A large glass of any fruit juice will put MY blood glucose UP to about 150 - 160... Vegetables juice will bring it UP a bit less, perhaps to 130- 140... Leave out the apple, better use watermelon (about half as many carbs per gram than apple) or leave out any fruit from your juice.)

      19.00 (7:00 PM) - 60 grams whole grain basmati rice.

      Ellis: That will put MY blood glucose up to about 130 mg/dl.

      Popeye: With each of these meals I incorporate 50 grams protein from fresh haddock, eggs, filleted chicken extra lean mince, tuna fish or quality protein powder.

      Ellis: This is your best meal of the day. This is how I try to
      eat all day long.

      Popeye: I also take a good organic 3,6,9 oil (4 table spoons split throughout the day and a good muti vit.)

      Would this diet be okay while on HGH as I don't want to take HGH and then have problems with my sugar levels, as I would like my time on HGH to be as productive as possible and not detrimental to my health.

      Ellis: If your diet leads to diabetes in the long run, you and everybody else is going to blame HGH for having caused you diabetes, but it is your high carb DIET that will cause you diabetes.

      Popeye: I train 3 days a week lifting weights and cardio averaging about 6 hours in total. Thanks. - Popeye

      Ellis: Don't believe ME. Buy a blood glucose meter and at least 200 test strips... Start to TEST YOUR BLOOD GLUCOSE 30 minutes AFTER you eat these high carb meals.

      Write your results in a notebook, and take note of the DATE and TIME, WHAT AND HOW MUCH DID YOU EAT, and RESULT. "According to Ellis" you should try to keep your blood glucose between 70 and 100 mg/dl as long as you can, all day long, every day.

      This will help you to keep your circulatory system much better than if you have high blood sugar gumming up the veins, and especially, gumming up your capillaries which then will get stopped up with perhaps cholesterol, or perhaps with calcium, or whatever... A blocked capillary means some cells are not going to receive BLOOD which carries OXYGEN, so you will be doing slow but long term damage to your body.

      High blood glucose also will stick to red blood cells, in a process called "glycosilation" which damages the hemoglobin in your red blood cell, which then cannot carry oxygen anymore.

      IN MY OPINION, you can interpret blood glucose as follows:

      Below 50: Hypoglycemia, can be very dangerous...

      50 - 60: Mild Hypoglycemia, but not dangerous... feels dangerous, but it is not dangerous... eat something... Do not panic, you do not need to drink a large glass of fruit juice... a very small glass of fruit juice, or a bite or two of bread is more than enough, but it takes about one minute (which feels like eternity) for your blood sugar to go UP...

      60: A bit too low, but O.K. if you feel o.k.

      70 - 85 OPTIMUM

      85 - 100 Good... 100 is a bit too high for me, I will try to bring it down to about 85, with 1 or 2 iu fast acting insulin AND a bite to eat of protein...

      110 High

      120 Bad

      140 Terrible

      160 Horrible

      180 Deathly

      200 and more: Suicidal

      I point out that a diabetic Type 1 (who said his son has HbA1c about 10% about 300 mg/dl AVERAGE) got very angry with me because I call 200 and above "Suicidal".

      It is too scary and UNFAIR to diabetics.

      So I told him that it is just a one word tag, for convenience. If he prefers, I told him, I could change it to a longer tag: "Amputations, Blindness, Senility, End Stage Kidney Damage, Anemia, etc."

      (He called me "a nutcase" and stopped writing to me...)

      I can change the tag, but I can't lie to you so that you can feel more comfortable and happier with high blood sugar.

      Please read my pages, and comment here if you don't agree:










      Thanks for writing.

      - Ellis Toussier
    • dAVId
      Popeye, you need to investigate systemic enzymes, wobenzyme N or vitalzyme, david lubbock tx.
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 24, 2012
        Popeye, you need to investigate systemic enzymes, wobenzyme N or vitalzyme, david lubbock tx.
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