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42 years old male, very low Testosterone

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  • roof1970
    Roof: Hi. I am 42 years old. Over the last year or so I have noticed a clear decrease in my energy and a general malaise . I went to my doctor about a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2011
      Roof: Hi. I am 42 years old. Over the last year or so I have noticed a
      clear decrease in my energy and a general " malaise".

      I went to my doctor about a year ago and he did a blood panel.
      The first time my testosterone was low. The doctor wanted to
      retest. The second test showed I was in the VERY low range of
      normal ( whatever that means).

      My Doctor told me to eat healthier and exercise more.

      Ellis: You are going to the wrong doctor. Your doctor doesn't
      seem to have a clue about what to do when the answer is staring
      him in the face... "Eat healthy and exercise more" is not a good
      solution, even if I agree that you should always eat healthy and
      exercise more... That is not a good solution to your problem.

      He knows that you have VERY low testosterone,
      so he is either stupid or he is scared to prescribe testosterone to you.
      He should have referred you to another doctor, since he recognizes
      his lack of experience in the matter.

      You have to go to a doctor who will prescribe testosterone to you...
      - Ellis

      Roof: I started exercising significantly more and saw minor improvements
      in appearance but the general feeling of "exhaustion" remains until

      Does anyone have any suggestions for this issue or is this just a
      function of turning 40+. I am in reasonably good shape ( though I
      should eat better) and can't seem to find a solution to this issue.

      Also, traveling to Mexico is not an option. Thank for any advice.

      Ellis: What does travelling to Mexico have to do with it? You
      are 42 years old, and you should not be going downhill so soon.

      Go to www.worldhealth.net (American Academy of Anti-Aging
      Medicine) and find a doctor in your area in their directory of

      You need testosterone replacement therapy, obviously. Your
      doctor didn't catch that? Did you PAY for his consultation, or
      was it free? Free is expensive if the advice is bad. And paid
      is also expensive, if the advice is bad or incomplete, as was the
      advice he gave you.

      Read my page: http://www.rajeun.net/testosterone.html

      - Ellis
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