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* * * About protein... Best sources?

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  • dr_enzyme
    Dr. Enzyme : Does your protein (source) get absorbed 100%, digested 100%, and utilized 100% and in 23 minutes? I want to know what do I take to get 80gm of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2011
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      "Dr. Enzyme" : Does your protein (source) get absorbed 100%,
      digested 100%, and utilized 100% and in 23 minutes?

      I want to know what do I take to get 80gm of plant source

      Ellis: Hello Dr. Enzyme. I don't know the answer to your
      first questions, and I don't know the answer yet to your
      second question... but I know how you can get the answer to
      your second question.

      Your first question: "Does your protein (source) get absorbed
      and digested and utilized in 23 minutes"...

      I don't know the answer, but I suppose you know the answer so
      tell us that you know, and tell us that you have a protein
      that is absorbed 100% and can be digested and utilized in 23
      minutes... We're waiting...

      It is obvious to me that to digest protein in 23 minutes it
      has to be from a plant source of protein, because animal
      protein is much more difficult to digest. This was established
      in 1833 in William Beaumont's experiments on digestion.

      See "William Beaumont, Experiments and Observations on the
      Gastric Juice and the Physiology of Digestion"



      I don't know the answer to your second question, either...
      "what do I take to get 80gm of plant source protein?"

      But I can guess real quick: 80 grams is 8% of 1000 grams...
      so you need one kilogram of BEANS... soy beans, or lima beans
      or green peas... or 80 grams is 3% of about 2.500 kilograms
      of VEGETABLES... (that's a huge VEGETABLE SALAD!!!)

      How did I know beans are aprox 8% protein and vegetables are
      aprox 3% protein?

      this was one of the tidbits of information that I learned by
      osmosis when I put together my AMAZING CARBOHYDRATE
      THERMOMETER... (note: it really is "amazing...").



      One kilogram is A LOT OF SOY BEANS... and two and one half
      kilograms of Vegetables is one whole lot of vegetables...

      I hope you can eat that much... you can, in one day... or
      in one week... but not in one meal...

      Pretty boring, but you can do it. I would much prefer a
      a small vegetable salad, a small bit of beans or nuts, and
      a piece of chicken or fish.

      I know where you can get some good answers.

      You want your plant source to be LOW CARB and NOT ANIMAL
      ORIGIN and you want it to have protein. So...

      Look at my Carbohydrate Thermometer... and you eliminate

      ANIMAL ORIGIN, and you eliminate the top part: BREAD,
      SWEETS and CEREALS, and SUGAR.

      That leaves you: VEGETABLES, FRUITS, and STARCHES.

      So... next step... You DOWNLOAD DR. WALFORD's DIET PLANNER...
      This is a free program, and it is the best program to learn
      about nutrition that you will find on the internet:


      or you can go to the U.S. Dept of Agriculture Nutrient
      Database and search their database of 6000 foods. This
      superb database, by the way, is available and you can buy it
      on a CD-Rom for a few dollars, or use it free on the internet.


      I wonder how there could be so many intelligent and talented
      people working together at the U.S. Dept of Agriculture, with
      such an EXCELLENT DATABASE... and all together all they could
      come up with as short advice to the public was the ATROCIOUS

      If you follow the choices of the Food Guide Pyramid,
      High Carbohydrate foods should comprise the largest part
      of your meal... foods such as BREAD AND SPAGHETTI
      and CEREALS and I remember (because I LAUGH AT IT)
      "muffins"... !!!

      Can you believe an intelligent person who RECOMMENDS MUFFINS
      for good health?

      The Master of Disaster...

      And an entire U.S. Dept of Agriculture make a laughing stock
      of itself... for many years they withstood the criticism of
      Dr. Atkins and Dr. Bernstein, until it became OBVIOUS that
      to RECOMMEND HIGH CARBS is HORRIBLE for diabetics and

      Muffins... For what? To die sooner?

      ONE MUFFIN will shoot my blood glucose to 180, without
      any doubt. Every muffin in the world will shoot my blood
      glucose up. There is not a decent muffin on planet earth,
      and they recommended muffins... Absolutely incredibly
      BAD ADVICE, coming from the U.S. Dept of Agriculture.

      Shame, shame... forever, shame.

      They modified their atrocious Food Guide Pyramid, lately, but
      it is still wishy-washy... I have a page where I compare
      the horrendous "Food Guide Pyramid" with the "Good Guide
      Pyramid." Of course, the Good Guide, by yours truly,
      the Good Guide...


      - Ellis
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