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Re: URGENT: Dietary Supplement "Safety" Act...

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  • Steve
    Steve: Government needs to stay out of adults bussiness. WE ARE ADULTS. Why can t we sign consent forms? My most bothering question is: why stop H.G.H. being
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 26, 2010
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      Steve: Government needs to stay out of adults bussiness. WE ARE
      ADULTS. Why can't we sign consent forms? My most bothering
      question is: why stop H.G.H. being on the market can't we form or
      band together to change the law?

      Ellis: Yes, you can band together to vote for your Senators and
      Representatives, who are the ones who make Laws...

      You vote for the person who will be your representatives in the
      state or national Congress, which is where Laws are passed or

      You have to write to your Congressman and tell him what you wish
      he would vote for or against, and in theory he will listen to you
      and to others and hopefully he will defend your interests...

      Steve: Next thing will be I can't buy soap of my choice. I'ts all
      about money. It needs to stop. Steve Weese

      Ellis: Everything is about money. The fact is that there is
      not enough money for everything they would like to do, but
      they keep on spending as if money will never run out. If they
      stop spending, it stops programs which puts people out of work...

      So there is an incentive to spend without end, and blast the day
      that you have to pay for it.

      The immediate problem right now is that they want to pass a Law
      that will regulate the manufacture of dietary supplements...
      and vitamins have never been controlled like medicines before.

      If you don't want a law like this, then you should write to your
      Congressmen NOW to oppose and try to stop it before it becomes a

      Your complaint won't matter after there is a Law that you don't
      like, because then you have to get them to change the Law, and
      that's not easy.

      Can you imagine needing to get a prescription to buy Vitamin C?
      That is essentially what already has happened to many medicines
      in the U.S. that we can buy without prescription in Mexico...

      And this might be what happens to vitamins and minerals in the
      U.S., if this bill becomes a Law. Even if you won't need a
      prescription, more regulations mean more expenses, which will
      translate into more expensive vitamins and minerals and fibers
      etc. What is all this regulation for? What is the purpose of
      more regulations?

      - Ellis

      --- In Rejuvenation@yahoogroups.com, <tar00@...> wrote:
      > URGENT to all subscribers of Rejuvenation...
      > This is TRULY IMPORTANT.
      > http://capwiz.com/saveoursupplements/utr/2/?a=14705421&i=97891381&c=
      > I have followed the link and it is like a nightmare coming
      > true. I paste what this is about...
      > Please read this, go to the link, and WRITE TO YOUR CONGRESSMEN,
      > and please ALSO PASS THIS AROUND to other persons who are not
      > subscribed to this forum. Perhaps print it, and tack it up on
      > bulletin boards and pass it to owners of health food stores...
      > If this terrible law passes in the U.S.A., it will set the tone
      > for the entire world. - Ellis
      > ================================ I PASTE THIS:
      > Please tell Your Senator to OPPOSE S. 3002, the Dietary
      > Supplement Safety Act
      > If a new bill, the Dietary Supplement Safety Act, S. 3002, passes,
      > it will amend the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act
      > (DSHEA) and have severe consequences for both suppliers and
      > retailers.
      > If you manufacture, distribute or broker dietary supplements or, if
      > you supply dietary ingredients, this is how this new legislation
      > could affect you:
      > * All dietary supplements, whether vitamins, minerals, herbal
      > products and others that were previously allowed under DSHEA, could
      > be removed from the market under S. 3002. This legislation would
      > mandate that every dietary supplement would have to go through a
      > brand new process of government review (yet to be defined) in order
      > to remain on store shelves.
      > * For the first time in the history of food or drug law, retail
      > establishments would need to register with the FDA. Failing to
      > register could result in severe monetary penalties, up to two times
      > your gross profit. Not complying with even minimal technical
      > requirements, such as minor errors in registration, recordkeeping
      > or reporting could be considered a criminal offense.
      > * Retailers would also be required to obtain "adequate written
      > evidence" from suppliers that each dietary supplement product
      > meets all regulatory requirements. Again, failure to do so could
      > result in severe monetary penalties.
      > * The bill introduces severe monetary penalties for all
      > involved in the supply chain including ingredient suppliers and
      > manufacturers, up to two times their gross profit for failing to
      > comply even with minimal technical requirements. These include
      > oversights in registration, recordkeeping or reporting that have
      > no effect on the safety of a product.
      > * Suppliers would be required to report all adverse events, not
      > just those that are "serious." Reporting of all adverse events,
      > including even minor complaints, would provide no additional
      > consumer safety. However, it will add a significant burden to
      > manufacturers in recordkeeping and reporting, as well as exposure
      > to potential product liability lawsuits.
      > * Introducing new or innovative dietary supplements or dietary
      > ingredients will be subjected to a much more rigorous approval
      > process.
      > =============================
      > Please tell your U.S. Senators and Representative to support
      > your (and my) access to safe and affordable vitamins and
      > supplements.
      > Just click on the link to work for healthy policies and make
      > your voice heard.
      > Thanks for your support!
      > Click on this URL to take action now
      > If your email program does not recognize the URL as a link,
      > copy the entire URL and paste it into your Web browser.
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