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Re: A.M.A. adopts new policy against anti-aging hormones.

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  • boomer.friend
    ... The AMA is a union, of sorts, for allopathic medical doctors. Their charter is to ensure the income of their members. They are NOT there as some
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      Discussion at the bottom of this former post:

      --- In Rejuvenation@yahoogroups.com, wrote:

      > AMA adopts new policy against anti-aging hormones
      > AP
      > Tue Jun 16, 10:07 am ET
      > CHICAGO – The American Medical Association says there's no
      > scientific proof to back up claims of anti-aging hormones.
      > At their annual meeting in Chicago on Monday, AMA delegates adopted
      > a new policy on products such as HGH, DHEA and testosterone used as
      > aging remedies.
      > With HGH, or human growth hormone, the AMA says evidence suggests
      > long-term use can present more risks than benefits. The risks
      > include tissue swelling and diabetes.
      > And the AMA says there's no credible evidence that other hormones,
      > so-called bio-identicals, are safer than traditional estrogen and
      > progesterone products.
      > The traditional hormones are only recommended for menopause symptoms
      > at the lowest possible dose because of long-term health risks.
      > The AMA says anti-aging hormone promoters need rigorous studies to
      > prove, or disprove, their claims.
      > Ellis: (sigh!) It seems like we are in the Dark Ages again.
      > It is time to destroy books and burn witches...
      > With thousands of doctors and reports and studies that show
      > that growth hormone and testosterone will make many wrinkles to
      > disappear, and growth hormone and testosterone will increase
      > energy and potency, and growth hormone and testosterone will stop
      > or reverse osteoporosis, and growth hormone and testosterone will
      > make hair and nails grow faster, and increase size and strength
      > of muscles, etc. etc. etc....
      > The A.M.A. is now officially taking a stand against growth hormone,
      > testosterone, and DHEA for anti-aging purposes.
      > Why?
      > I don't know. The Bad Guys are winning, the Good Guys are
      > losing. Jay Olshansky, Thomas Perls, and Shlomo Melamed and
      > the Inquisition are prevailing... Dr. Ronald Klatz and Dr. Cranton
      > and other doctors that I admire are losing the struggle for a
      > great therapy.
      > "AMA says evidence suggests long-term use can present more risks
      > than benefits. The risks include tissue swelling and diabetes."
      > Tissue swelling? Nobody has ever reported tissue swelling on
      > this forum. Diabetes? Nobody has ever reported that they got
      > diabetes because they took growth hormone or testosterone, on
      > this forum.
      > Thanks for sending us this... but it makes me sad for my friends
      > in the United States. It makes me glad that I live in Mexico.
      > But I can't understand what is going on in the United States, why
      > this stance against good medicines by the American Medical
      > Association. And I know that what happens in the U.S. today will
      > eventually be what will happen in Mexico. - Ellis

      The AMA is a union, of sorts, for allopathic medical doctors. Their
      charter is to ensure the income of their members. They are NOT
      there as some altruistic organization that is truly concerned about
      GOOD human health. BAD health equals more money for their
      dues-paying member physicians.

      The AMA does not generally support anything that will cut back on
      the number of sick people, unless, for "marketing" purposes (public
      image), it is imperative to do so to keep their public "credibility" intact.

      Aging baby boomers are now starting to be "harvested" by AMA member
      physicians, hospital organizations, pharmaceutical companies, drug
      stores (new stores on every corner!)etc, etc. Even the media (video,
      print, radio) are in on it with their dependence on advertising revenue
      for drugs that treat symptoms and never the cause.

      As an aside, do you REALLY think that the highly compensated
      executive boards of the American Cancer Society, American Heart
      Association, American Lung Association, et. al. truly want cures for
      the diseases that they make their living from??? Their "reason for
      being" would be destroyed, along with the disease.

      If bioidentical hormones for aging humans truly went "mainstream"
      and became readily available and accepted in the public mind, it would
      be a potential financial disaster for the revenue streams of all of those
      that profit handsomely from the misery and pain of aging humans.

      This INCLUDES the "health" insurance companies. They LOVE high cost
      medicine and lots of aging and sick people. This is how they sell
      policies - FEAR.

      If medicine was lower cost and less fearful (less disease)people would,
      instead, pay directly for any medical costs incurred instead of paying
      high monthly insurance premiums.

      Ellis: I was an insurance agent, and I never sold policies on FEAR... I
      sold policies on FACTS... It is a FACT that a fire can destroy your business
      or your home, or a heart attack can kill you and destroy your family,
      or a car accident can leave you in ruins. These are risks that can
      destroy your business or your life or your family's happiness, and
      insurance protects the financial stability of your family or your business.

      There are dentists who oppose using flour to eliminate cavities, and there
      are dentists who make their living by using flour to prevent cavities. If I
      was a doctor, I would be for preventing diabetes, I would be for preventing
      diabetes side effects, and I would teach my patients to use insulin long
      before they MUST use insulin.

      But in any case I don't think the AMA opposition to anti-aging is because
      they want higher costs. And I am SURE that insurance companies do not
      like higher costs.

      I DO BELIEVE that the opposition of the American Diabetes Association to
      diabetics using the glucose meter was entirely because of their self-interest...

      But I think their recommendation of high carb diets is due to ignorance and
      misinformation, because until I used a glucose meter and learned differently,
      I was also convinced by the "experts" that a high carb diet is correct because
      it is "low fat" which is easy to blame fat...

      And I can understand a doctor being fooled by the "experts" also.

      The world is coming apart at the seams, due to the population explosion.

      When I was in first grade (about 1951) I remember the population of the world
      was about 2 billion... now it is nearly 7 billion... more than triple the
      population 60 years ago...

      If the population of the world will triple again in the next 60 years, (and it
      will...) you can assume that those new 14 billion will be mostly uneducated,
      mostly hungry, mostly angry, mostly dangerous people that have to be fed
      and housed and clothed and schooled and cared for in their old age...

      That means the end of most fish in the oceans, most fresh clean water
      supply... goodbye whales, goodbye elephants, goodbye rhinoceros, goodbye
      monkeys and deer and anything that moves that is edible... including
      perhaps some people.

      There are already many places on earth where children grow up with
      machine guns, and they are taught to be guerillas and suicide bombers...
      they are not people any more... they are numbers... they are pawns in a
      very ugly and dangerous political game.

      I don't mean Mexican migrant workers who help to harvest your crops,
      legally or illegally... Those were the good ol' days... If you get rid of them,
      as some people say you should, it is as if you get rid of the good bacteria
      in your intestines that help you to digest your food: You will get indigestion.

      But there are the really BAD bacteria, like the ones that cause cholera, etc.

      I refer to the enemies of rich and modern, civilization, and music... they want
      poor and old fashioned. They use the internet, but they hate technology.
      They oppose atomic energy for peaceful electricity, but they want atomic
      bombs to destroy civilization.

      And they are moving. They are migrating legally to Europe and to the United
      States and the rich countries of Asia. They now have French and British and
      American citizenship. You can't kick them out.

      I mean the ones who think that they have might as well be human suicide

      What does this have to do with "A.M.A. adopts new policy against anti-aging
      hormones." ? It is part of the trend that things are breaking down: Good is
      bad, Bad is good, and The Bad Guys are in power.

      The only thing left to do is Continue to Be Good. Don't take a stand against
      something that is good (growth hormone and testosterone, etc.) Don't take
      a stand against Old People (like me) seeking super-health and long and
      productive lives. Take a stand for ultra-good-health, and for whatever
      helps the world to be better.

      I just keep on working. I hope my ideas about using insulin and controlling
      blood glucose will spread to doctors... because it is truly important and good
      and beneficial to change the upside down information they learned in school.

      And I hope my ideas can help make a difference in the good health and lives
      of more people, because I know they are correct. I already have revolutionized
      many persons health, and the world is falling apart when I am getting healthier,
      and the only way to fight madness is with sanity.

      - Ellis
      "Why grow old gracefully, when you can be downright unpleasant and stay young?" - Ellis Toussier
    • Michael Honrychs
      I am starting to get joint stiffness and soreness after every workout in my knees, wrists, and shoulders. I have a minimal tear in my rotator cuff that I never
      Message 2 of 3 , Sep 17, 2009
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        I am starting to get joint stiffness and soreness after every
        workout in my knees, wrists, and shoulders. I have a minimal
        tear in my rotator cuff that I never had repaired.

        I opted to keep the surrounding musculature strong by working
        out...this worked well for a long time... but as I said, my
        symptoms are returning.

        I did have artroscopic surgery on my right knee some years ago,
        and it has also been bothersome lately.

        Also, my stamina seems to be dwindiling.

        All this started shortly after my 50th birthday.

        Can HGH help with these symptoms...? I know they might sound
        minor...but I have always been active and do not wish to slow

        Ellis: I wish you would have started at the end of your post...

        So... You have all of these problems but you are NOT using HGH...

        Whew! I thought to myself: here comes somebody with side effects... but wow! What side effects! sore knees... sore wrists... and sore shoulders!

        And a rotator cuff that has never repaired... for good measure.
        I thought: Must be fake growth hormone...

        But it turns out: you are NOT even using HGH...

        THAT IS GOOD! Because IF YOU DO use HGH, then you will be able to
        tell everybody here how well you feel!

        To answer your question: yes, don't lose any more time. Growth
        hormone will help you to stay young for longer... but it will
        also probably patch up your rotator cuff, and you will not
        feel as sore after exercises, etc. In short: YES, I think
        growth hormone is exactly what you need. And you are past 50,
        this is the perfect time for you to try to stay young again.

        Stay in touch. Tell us what you do.

        - Ellis Toussier
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