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HGH for growing taller at 23

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  • Richard Lee
    Richard Lee: Hi, i just come across ur yahoo group because somebody recommend me to ur group as i would like to inject HGH for growing taller. i was stop
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2009
      Richard Lee: Hi, i just come across ur yahoo group because somebody
      recommend me to ur group as i would like to inject HGH for growing

      i was stop growing after when i reached 12 years old. And i stay
      the same height at 1.7 mt untill now 22 years old and going 23
      years old this year.

      Could you show me the correct way to inject the HGH? I have the
      source to HGH but the doctor would probably say no to inject HGH
      to my body but i know that HGH level in my body is low because i
      look older than my real age as my friends look at me when i was in
      high school.

      I know that simply by injecting HGH to my body wouldn't give me any
      optimum result unless i know the correct way to inject it as it is
      live thing. I believe that i still have chance to grow until maybe
      6 foot tall as right now i just 5 ft 7. What do you think for my age?

      Ellis: I think it is TOO LATE for you to grow taller, because you
      are nearly 23 years old... it is too late. I wish you had asked this
      5 years ago, but now I think you will not GROW TALLER with growth

      But I think HGH would be GOOD for your health, because as you said,
      you look older than your age and I agree with you that you are
      probably HGH DEFICIENT. So HGH would reverse a deficiency in your
      body, and it would do you a lot of good... but you would not grow

      Richard Lee: And how much IU should I inject ? And where in my
      body can be injected hgh? At what time?

      Ellis: Any amount of HGH is better than zero... (as long as you
      do not overdose... which you will not...) Anywhere in your
      body would be o.k.... any time... but "according to Ellis" best
      when blood glucose levels are low.

      Richard Lee: I heard that natural production of HGH in our body
      will be shut down when we introduce too much hgh into our body.

      Ellis: I think that is a myth, it is not really true. I have
      injected HGH into my body every single day for 11 years (since
      June, 1998) and if I stop taking HGH, I think my body would still
      release a little HGH... In fact, I think my body is releasing more
      HGH at age 63 than it was at age 52 BECAUSE I have taken HGH for
      11 years... I am not going to stop taking HGH in order to prove
      it again... but after taking HGH for 18 months I stopped taking
      HGH for one month in order to show that I was probably still
      producing HGH. My IGF-1 level 30 days after not taking any HGH was
      201, which is the level of a healthy young athlete... I was 54 years
      old at the time. See what I wrote then:


      Richard Lee: What would happen if our natural production get shut
      down? any severe side effects will occurs?

      Ellis: The body of MOST PERSONS stops releasing HGH. According
      to what I have read, HGH is almost not traceable in the body of
      an 80 year old man. And what happens, is what happens to almost
      everybody in the world: they grow older. Their body accumulates
      more fat, they lose muscle, their immune system gets weaker,
      their skin gets dry and loose... Don't do anything, and you will
      find out what happens. The side effect is the side effect that
      happens to almost everybody in the world as they grow older.

      If you are young and your body releases as little HGH as an old
      man, I think you would get the typical signs of aging: wrinkles,
      more fat, less muscle, hair turns grey and thins out and falls
      off, osteoporosis.

      Richard Lee: Thank you. I really looking forward for your reply.

      Best Regards, - Richard Lee

      Ellis: You are welcome. Thanks for writing.
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