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Presidential Pardon... a Toussie in the news... Dr. Ward Dean

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  • Ellis Toussier Bigio
    Unbelievable... a Toussie in the news... and not such good news, either. I SUPPOSE we are distant cousins because all Tussie Tusie, Toussie, Toussier, etc.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 25, 2008
      Unbelievable... a Toussie in the news... and not such good news,
      either. I SUPPOSE we are distant cousins because all Tussie
      Tusie, Toussie, Toussier, etc. are theoretically descendent from
      Aaron, Moses' brother. We are all "Kohanim" (plural for "Kohen")
      which is a special priestly caste in Judaism. (talk about
      Royalty!) Not very priestly of you, Mr. Isaac Robert Toussie

      Sorry, Isaac. You stay in the clink.

      Ironically, MY SON was named for his GRANDFATHER, Isaac Shamah,
      so he is ALSO "Isaac Toussier"... what a pain to have the same
      name as a person whose PARDON was REVERSED! UN-believable!

      But this brings up my hero, Dr. Ward Dean, who I am sad to say is
      a great great American, and he is very unjustly in jail.

      I wish we could bring to President Bush's attention the case of
      Dr. Ward Dean, and I wish with all my heart that he would be

      Dr. Dean (author of "GHB, The Mood Enhancer" and "Smart Drugs" and
      other fantastic books) is not only one of my first teachers (I
      bought "Smart Drugs" about 10 years before I ever met him on
      my own forum...) but he also is a graduate of West Point, and
      he served his country honorably and nobly in the military.

      It is truly a HORRIBLE thought for me to think that Dr. Ward Dean
      is in JAIL. It is as if the world is upside down: evil is good, and
      good is evil.

      So: I don't know how we can do it, but I did it once before for
      Randy, who needed hyperbaric oxygen, and now I hope we can do it
      for Dr. Dean. Please, if you agree with this, please take a
      moment to WRITE TO PRESIDENT BUSH and point out that Dr. Ward
      Dean is in jail, and a GREAT AMERICAN is wasting his time in
      jail, for something as ridiculous as not declaring his income
      because he insists that there is no law that has ever been passed
      to establish that you have to declare your income, so the income
      tax itself is illegal.

      Whether you agree with that or not, Dr. Dean has always been a
      maverick, opposing the Government for banning GHB, and other
      similar causes. And if you READ the notes of his trial, he should
      not have been convicted. The Judge ignored all pleas asking to
      know which law he had broken.

      WASHINGTON – President George W. Bush on Wednesday revoked a pardon he
      had granted only a day before — a step unheard of in recent memory —
      after learning in news reports of political contributions to
      Republicans by the man's father and other information.

      Bush pardoned 19 people on Tuesday, including Isaac Robert Toussie of
      Brooklyn, N.Y., who had been convicted of making false statements to
      the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and of mail
      fraud. On Wednesday, the White House issued an extraordinary statement
      saying the president was reversing his decision in Toussie's case.

      White House press secretary Dana Perino said the new decision was
      "based on information that has subsequently come to light," including
      on the extent and nature of Toussie's prior criminal offenses. She
      also said that neither the White House counsel's office nor the
      president had been aware of a political contribution by Toussie's
      father that "might create an appearance of impropriety."

      "Given that, this was the prudent thing to do," she said.

      The new information came to the White House's attention from news
      reports, Perino said.

      A story in the New York Daily News said Toussie's father, Robert,
      donated $28,500 to the national Republican Party in April. It came
      just months before Toussie's pardon petition, the newspaper said.
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