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Which is better: HCG or Testosterone?

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  • Jerry Naiser
    Jerry: Hello Ellis, I have subscribed to this group for years and am following your regimen (Pretty much)... With the exception of HCG Ellis: (note: HCG,
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 22, 2008
      Jerry: Hello Ellis,

      I have subscribed to this group for years and am
      following your regimen (Pretty much)... With the
      exception of HCG

      Ellis: (note: HCG, "human corionic gonadotropin"
      is a hormone that stimulates the testicles to
      produce more testosterone...)

      Jerry: I am a 48 year old male. My question is
      in regards to HGC vs. Testosterone cream or
      injection. I have used HCG for a couple of years.

      Is there any benefit to switching to a bovine
      Testosterone cream or injection? Regards. - Jerry.

      Hello Jerry:

      When you say "bovine testosterone cream or injection"
      I suppose you mean "veterinarian testosterone". Just
      to clear up a point: "vet testosterone" and "human
      testosterone" are the same product, made by different
      manufacturers, but sold in vet or human pharmacies,
      normally far less cost in vet pharmacies than human
      pharmacies. But authentic products are equally clean,
      and equally good.

      Veterinarian testosterone is made in perfectly clean
      conditions, with exactly the same raw materials as
      "human" testosterone. It COSTS about one third or one
      fourth as much as "human" testosterone, but the biggest
      advantage was that there used to be a very great VARIETY
      of veterinarian testosterones, and now we don't have
      these varieties in "human" testosterone.

      I don't know if there is any benefit for you to
      switch from HCG to testosterone. I really am not
      very familiar with HCG, which causes the testicles
      to produce testosterone.

      Most American doctors prescribe testosterone first,
      and HCG afterwards... I suppose it is better to use
      testosterone when you start, and then HCG when you
      are over a cycle of testosterone. HCG is used when
      your own testicles have shut down production of
      testosterone because you have been injecting
      testosterone, and now you want to kick start the
      testicles to make testosterone again...

      But I really am not sure how to answer your question,
      because I am not an expert on the use of testosterone
      or HCG.

      Some clinics in the U.S.A. prescribe HCG instead of
      testosterone, but I am not really sure that is a very
      good idea. It sounds good on paper: make your
      testicles produce the testosterone your body needs.

      This way you keep your testicles from shutting down.

      But if you replace HCG, then maybe your body shuts
      down production of HCG or Follicle Stimulating
      Hormone (whatever that is...) so you are stuck with
      something potentially worse... (men don't really
      have HCG... but it is similar to FSH and works as
      if it is FSH)... I'm not sure...

      I myself have always used testosterone since I began
      to use testosterone, about 8 years ago... I have
      injected HCG (Ovidrel, which was recombinant HCG...
      not available anymore...)

      Sometimes I feel the world is going backwards
      instead of forwards... they take great products off
      the market because the F.D.A. or the Olympic Committee
      or maybe the Parent Teachers Association or somebody
      is against a great product... They have taken Ovidrel
      off the market, and they have taken Geref (recombinant
      growth hormone stimulating hormone) off the market,
      and they have taken water soluble testosterone and
      other great products off the market, and now I can't
      get them anymore.

      We had lots of very good veterinarian testosterones
      made in Mexico until about a year ago, when Uncle George
      managed to shut down Tokkyo and Quality Vet and Denkall
      in Mexico.

      So... to answer your question... I DON'T KNOW why you
      should switch to injectible testosterone, but I also
      do not know if it is wise or not wise to be taking HCG
      constantly instead of injectible testosterone.

      Perhaps Randy Ice can answer this question...

      Thanks for writing. I am interested in learning the
      answer to your question also. - Ellis

      This post refers to a previous post. See previous post here:

      - Ellis
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