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We love you, Ellis... are you funny!

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  • Mary Angel
    Oh God Ellis, are you funny!! It s a real pleasure to read your e-mails again, we learn so much from them. Definitely your purpose in life is to teach. We
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      Oh God Ellis, are you funny!! It's a real pleasure
      to read your e-mails again, we learn so much from them.

      Definitely your purpose in life is to teach. We
      appreciate all that knowledge, wisdom and your ability
      to express/teach with a sense of humor. Is laughing
      part of maintaining youth? Your responses always bring
      a smile.

      We love you Ellis and thank you for sharing with us all
      your experiences and research.

      Best regards, - Mary Angel

      Ellis: Hello Mary Angel,

      Thanks for the nice words, and the good vibrations. I
      am really glad that you think you learn good things
      from me, and I'm even more happy to know that you also
      laugh when you learn from me... That makes me feel happy.

      For your information: In my American High School yearbook,
      I was "Class Clown" of the class that graduated in 1963.
      I was also the President of the Senior Class.

      So... class president, and also class clown...

      And I have written some poems which I think are very funny...
      They get praised a lot by Language Teachers.



      (If you like these two, let me know and I will give you
      a third one that will really knock you away...)

      And I have written several funny plays, which have been
      produced on stage...

      And I have written DIRTY LIMERICKS, which I get a kick
      to write because they have to rhyme, and they have to be
      funny... not so easy...

      And I have adapted some hit songs from German to Spanish
      and also to English, and there is one song which I think is
      hilarious. Listen to it here, and read my words in English,
      and Spanish. (note: This is not a translation... the words
      have to fit the rhythm and the rhyme, and they are essentially
      a new song)

      I set up a page with just one song, so that you can listen to
      and read the words to "The Wine From Samos" here:


      and if you want to listen to many more songs that I have
      adapted to English or Spanish or Hebrew, see this page:


      And here is my "Confessions of a Dirty Old Man"... This is
      intentionally funny (as opposed to funny without trying...)
      I have added some DIRTY LIMERICKS, so see it again if
      you want to laugh:


      Thanks for your nice post, I am glad to know that you
      like my pages, and that you love me. That is great for my
      Ego... I like to be The Man With the Legendary Ego, so that
      makes me feel good.

      - Ellis

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      Subject: [Rejuvenation] * * * Cycles or No Cycles: HGH, EPO, Insulin, and Testosterone

      Hello Ellis.

      I have a question I think you haven't addressed. I am a
      bodybuilder and I believe in your studies.

      My question is: I don't read of any cycles. For instance, I use
      test for 3 months... Arimidex, Winstrol or deca, then I stop. I let
      my natural test build up with HCG or mentropin then I will start in
      2 months again, always using 2iu of HGH.

      I'm 48 yrs old, 9% fat, 200 lbs

      Can you shed some knowledge? thanx jc

      Ellis: Hello JC,

      You didn't ask a question. You said I don't have any cycles,
      and so I suppose you want me to give you a cycle. I don't
      have any cycles. I take growth hormone every single day, I
      don't cycle it. I have taken growth hormone every single day
      without fail, for more than 10 years (since June, 1998)

      So... that leaves other hormones.

      I don't cycle EPO. I take the amount that is necessary to keep
      my red blood cells up to 52% to 54%. In seven or eight years
      since I began to use EPO, I have kept my red blood cells in this
      range with about one shot of EPO every month, sometimes a little
      bit more than one month...

      I monitor my blood for red blood cells ("Hematocrit" and
      "Hemoglobin") about once a year, and I look at myself in the
      mirror every day so I can see how my red blood cells are doing
      (I can tell, by the color of my skin... If I look "sun tan" that
      means I have a good amount of red blood cells... If my face
      looks a bit too sun tanned, a bit too brown, that means my red
      blood cells are at about 55% red blood cells, so I don't take
      any more EPO.

      So... that is not a cycle, that is the amount of EPO that I need
      to keep my red blood cells between 52% and 55%, 365 days a year,
      for the rest of my life if possible.

      As for insulin... I don't "cycle" insulin. I take Lantus,
      slow acting long lasting insulin, once in the morning, every
      morning, and once before I go to sleep. And I take Humalog,
      fast acting short lasting insulin, either before I eat or after
      I eat, if I have a peak in my glucose levels. I have taken
      so many blood glucose tests (probably more than 15,000 in
      nearly 8 years) that I can predict how much a meal that I am
      going to eat will raise my blood glucose... If I was Dr. Bernstein,
      I simply wouldn't eat it... but I am not Dr. Bernstein. So I eat
      it anyways... (maybe fruit with cottage cheese and yoghurt for
      dessert... maybe chocolate ice cream... maybe a bit of
      bread and cheese... etc.)

      I know what is my poison, and I eat it anyways, but I don't eat
      a lot of it. If I do not take insulin, my blood glucose might
      rise to 130... if I do take insulin, my blood glucose stays
      below 100. Ideally, I would like to have my blood glucose about
      85 mg/dl.

      To put this into perspective: if I would drink ONE GLASS OF ORANGE
      JUICE, my blood glucose goes to about 150 or 160... If I would
      eat ONE SLICE OF PIZZA, my blood glucose goes to about 160, and
      higher with a second slice. If I would ask a DIABETES SPECIALIST
      (God forbid) of the American Diabetes Association persuasion his
      opinion of 130, he would say that 130 is GREAT and it is NORMAL...

      Dr. Bernstein would say it is too high, and I agree with Dr.
      Bernstein, it is too high... so I inject the correct dose of fast
      acting insulin to get it down to 85 mg/dl as fast as possible.

      I inject insulin several times every day, so that is not "cycling".

      And I don't cycle testosterone. Body builders cycle testosterone,
      but that is because they are taking a much higher dose than I am.
      I take about 30 shots of testosterone per year, with one pill of
      Arimidex at the same time I take the shot... and I have done that
      for about 7 years, with almost no side effect.

      The side effect that I have noticed is that it has made my
      testicles smaller... not the size of a small marble... they are
      about the size of a large pigeon egg. Sometimes I stop taking
      testosterone completely for three months, and I take HCG and
      this makes my testicles grow a bit... but there is nothing that
      feels as nice as being alive and horney with testosterone. When
      I see a pretty woman I still get wild thoughts in my mind... if
      I can do something about it, I do... and if I can't, it stays in
      my mind... but that is GOOD because it means I am ALIVE and WELL.
      I am happy to say, I really AM a Dirty Old (63 years old) Man, if
      only in my (wet) dreams.

      So that is the reason why I don't have cycles. But if you would
      like to discuss a cycle of testosterone, go ahead and send it to
      us. I am not a good person to comment on it, because I am not a
      body builder... but it will be interesting for us to learn from
      you, so you be the expert and teach us.

      Thanks for writing. - Ellis
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