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Hello... now we are three...

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  • Ellis Toussier
    Hello Rejuvenation subscribers, Sorry this list hasn t taken off so fast... but now we are three subscribers, so I want to welcome you both (you are two, and I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 1999
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      Hello Rejuvenation subscribers,

      Sorry this list hasn't taken off so fast... but now we are three
      subscribers, so I want to welcome you both (you are two, and I am one,
      that makes three) to our rejuvenation list. I suppose there are not
      that many persons that like all the restrictions that I put on it. I
      have gotten so frustrated with discussions about Multi-level marketing
      and amino acids etc. on lists trying to discuss rejuvenation and/or
      growth hormone replacement therapy that I decided to start my own list
      where it is excluded. Not that I think there is anything wrong with
      Multi level marketing... or with amino acids... I have taken amino acids
      (Power Maker, by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw) and we all know it works,
      but it just isn't in the same baseball league as rHGH, and nobody even
      says it is. I think we deserve a list where nobody tries to sell
      anything to anybody else, we just truly care to exchange information
      about our experience.

      Well, I am in Mexico, as I am sure you probably know by now if you have
      read my livelong page. As I gather from my correspondence with persons
      in the U.S., Mexico is whole lot easier to get growth hormone than in
      the U.S. I have some experiences that I will tell you about the FDA,
      U.S. doctors, and growth hormone. Most of it is good, some of it is
      hard to believe.

      I started taking Humatrope 9 months ago now, and I am very pleased with
      it. Of course I have no intention of getting off it any time soon, but
      does anybody know if we will have a problem if we would not take it for
      a long period of time, or will we just return to where we would have
      been? I suppose where we would have been is at close to zero secretion
      of HGH anyways, which is the reason why I took the decision to try
      taking it by sub-cutaneous injection, convinced as I have been for
      several years about the benefits of growth hormone replacement therapy.

      Yesterday I was at an office in Mexico of Salubridad... the parallel
      organization of the FDA, but no where nearly as paranoid as the FDA
      seems to be about most medicines... they just want you not to get the
      hard stuff without a prescription, but even here there are some pretty
      strange things that happen. I had to get an import permit for them to
      release a package containing medicines for personal use at Customs...
      They were extremely polite and helpful. Not at all like you always hear
      the news reports on American TV about those corrupt bureacrats, of which
      I didn't see any at all. I got my permit in a few hours, because I told
      them the medicines have to be refrigerated. I understand that FedEx
      also had them under refrigeration, so they will arrive in perfect shape
      to me.

      Anyways... I found somebody there that also went to get a permit of some
      sort... and I started to tell her about my attempt to rejuvenate. She
      made a comment that other persons have made to me before: "but don't you
      think it is unnatural to try to rejuvenate? I think it is better to
      accept your age... etc."

      To Each his Own. I am in this because I would like to live to age 80
      but in very good health, and if I live any longer in very good health,
      then that is all very good too. But why should wanting to stay healthy
      be unnatural? I don't understand how I can tell some people that I am
      growing younger and instead of interesting them, they think it is bad
      for some reason.

      I am now going to write to several friends that I know are taking growth
      hormone by sub-cutaneous injection and ask them to subscibe to this
      list. People that I know are taking rHGH are also interesting people, I
      have found... so I think we will end up with a lot of interesting
      discussions, for the benefit of everybody. Please forward this message
      to anybody you know that is taking rHGH, of any brand, by subcutaneous
      injection, or also to persons that are interested in the subject of
      Rejuvenation in generaal, even if it doesn't include rHGH... only,
      please tell them... we don't discuss amino acids on this list... any
      other substance for rejuvenation is a good topic for this list. For
      example, EDTA Chelation, or Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, or deprenyl or
      whatever you might be taking to protect your brain... all welcome topics
      on this list.
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