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Stop Spreading Fraud!

Ellis, The website you recommended for stem cell, ie stemcellofamerica.com is a fraud! Doctor with revoked license continues to sell unproven stem cell
Sep 2

Re: Experience with stem cells, extracted from fat (70,000,000 cells

Hi Ellis. Frank Lively here. I am the retired Phoenix firefighter that has a hyperbaric chamber. I'm 75yo now, and I too feel like 50 years old. I had stem
frank lively
Sep 2

Experience with stem cells, extracted from fat (70,000,000 cells.)

A friend wrote this to me, about his stem cells therapy one year ago. In difference from mine which were 30,000,000 cells extracted from umbilical chord, his
Ellis Toussier
Aug 21

Re: * * * Stem cells for multiple sclerosis

I hope you keep us updated on the results of the stem cells. I'm curious how many injections you received, where you received them and what was the cost? Thank
John Wagner Mcgough
Aug 15

More than 17 years ON growth hormone, almost every day.

Ellis : I was almost 53 years old when I began to use injectable growth hormone, in June, 1998. That was more than 17 years ago... I have injected a dose of
    Ellis Toussier
    Aug 15
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    Re: * * * High levels of insulin not only inhibit beta cell producti

    Dr. Marley: Your experience is called "anecdote". Your experience is also called "ELLIS" SCIENCE is not composed of your experience. "Insulin resistance
    Aug 13

    * * * I have a minor problem: I use 40-56 units of insulin twice pe

    Sir Jim Fry: Mr. Ellis, greetings. Ellis: Hello Sir Jim Fry... Please call me "Ellis"... I am just a young man, back in the future... Sir Jim Fry: I seem to
    Ellis Toussier
    Aug 13

    * * * Stem cells for multiple sclerosis

    Montreal Lodging: Hi Ellis. Can you please give me some information on how stem cells can help with Multiple Sclerosis?. And where is it offered? Ellis: It
    Aug 13

    Sugar is food for fungus (Candida) which is almost impossible to get

    Suzanne: Great explanation Ellis! It stopped me from thinking about ice cream! YIKES! I haven't had ice cream in over year or so... But I think about
    Aug 12

    * * * High levels of insulin not only inhibit beta cell production,

    Dr. Marley: High levels of insulin not only inhibit beta cell production of insulin, but it increases tissue resistance to insulin. Ellis: FALSE. After
    Aug 12

    Fw: Message to Rejuvenation group not approved

    Tom: I love sugar. People who know me say I'm going to get diabetes. I drink a couple or Redbulls each day. I will eat three popsicles at a time at night. Can
      Ellis Toussier
      Aug 12
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      * * * The pancreas does not wear out like a tire... It is more like

      Ellis wrote : "Metformin makes the insulin that our pancreas releases, more effective. But the pancreas will eventually wear out... perhaps in 20 years,
      Jul 28

      Re: Anything new with (Ellis) you ?

      ... Ellis: I am well, and still ultra healthy... Nothing new, except me: I am still like new. I don't want to brag but... I will be SEVENTY YEARS "OLD" very
      J w
      Jul 28

      My father and I are both on metformin... My father is now 91...

      No More: My father and I are both on metformin. My father is now 91. Ellis: May he live long and prosper! No More: I agree with Ellis that glycemic control is
      Jul 18

      * * * I love sugar. Can I use insulin to bring blood sugar down?

      Ellis: Somebody wrote this to me, and asked me this question. I answered as follows: Tom: I love sugar. People who know me say I'm going to get diabetes. I
      Ellis Toussier
      Jul 16
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