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Re: Experience with stem cells, extracted from fat (70,000,000 cells

I would like to know what clinic your friend went to and what kind of stem cells did he receive.Also what was his cost? Ellis: Hello Richard... I copy and
Sep 13, 2015

Alzheimer's may have been transmitted via cadaver derived human

Pedro Camacho
Sep 13, 2015

* * * Experiment 2: Fast, safe, easy, cheap way to bring down high b

Last night I ate 4 large dried dates, guaranteed to shoot up blood sugar... I did not inject any insulin. This morning, I checked blood sugar 6:56 A.M. blood
Ellis Toussier
Sep 13, 2015

* * * Experiment 1: Does Growth Hormone cause Diabetes ?

Somebody wrote to me and was worried that growth hormone might cause diabetes. I answered that in the history of planet earth, not a single case of diabetes
Ellis Toussier
Sep 10, 2015

correcting Ellis... I think you mean Hemoglobin 12 grams/dl, not 12%

Jdc: Sorry , but i think you mean Hemoglobin 12 grams/dl not 12%. Thks Jdc Ellis: Hello Jdc... I said 12%, and that is what I meant. one liter is 1000 grams.
Sep 10, 2015

How to get in touch with Ellis, directly ?

Charles: Ellis, how do we get in touch with you directly? Charles Ellis: You can write to me to etoussier(at)safe-mail.net or call me by telephone (52 55)
Charles Randolph
Sep 8, 2015

Re: Life Expectancy indicators

(Ellis: I copy and paste Andrew Fuller's comment from another post, to not send you too many posts.) Andrew Fuller: Dear Ellis This is great. The things I
Sep 8, 2015

* * * Embryonic Stem Cells are lucky to become a part of the nervous

Ellis: Thanks for your very effective response to this...! I've been a Rejuvenation subscriber for quite a few years, now...by the way, Jerry Emanuelson is
Robert E. Yorke
Sep 5, 2015

Life Expectancy indicators

I found a page written by an insurance company, with 5 Life Expectancy indicators... 5 Life Expectancy Indicators | Farmers Insurance
Ellis Toussier
Sep 5, 2015

Re: Experience with stem cells, extracted from fat (70,000,000 cells

Mike Lenker: Ellis, One other difference between umbilical cord stem cells and the stem cells from one's own fat could be that your body might detect that the
Mike Lenker
Sep 5, 2015

Stop Spreading Fraud!

Ellis, The website you recommended for stem cell, ie stemcellofamerica.com is a fraud! Doctor with revoked license continues to sell unproven stem cell
Sep 2, 2015

Re: Experience with stem cells, extracted from fat (70,000,000 cells

Hi Ellis. Frank Lively here. I am the retired Phoenix firefighter that has a hyperbaric chamber. I'm 75yo now, and I too feel like 50 years old. I had stem
frank lively
Sep 2, 2015

Experience with stem cells, extracted from fat (70,000,000 cells.)

A friend wrote this to me, about his stem cells therapy one year ago. In difference from mine which were 30,000,000 cells extracted from umbilical chord, his
Ellis Toussier
Aug 21, 2015

Re: * * * Stem cells for multiple sclerosis

I hope you keep us updated on the results of the stem cells. I'm curious how many injections you received, where you received them and what was the cost? Thank
John Wagner Mcgough
Aug 15, 2015

More than 17 years ON growth hormone, almost every day.

Ellis : I was almost 53 years old when I began to use injectable growth hormone, in June, 1998. That was more than 17 years ago... I have injected a dose of
    Ellis Toussier
    Aug 15, 2015
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