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* * * Ellis, I cannot support your prophylactic taking of insulin... Dr. Janis Bell: Ellis, I am afraid I cannot support your prophylactic taking of insulin, although I totally support a diet to keep blood glucose low. Read the
Mar 17
The Back Nine... I received this, which I post below. I did not write it myself, and I do not know who wrote it. I have added some punctuation, and small edits, but it is not
Mar 17
Re: If we should not eat fruits, where will we get vitamin C? Charlotte: The reason you limit fruit is because its so high in fructose which elevates your blood sugar and cause an insulin response. When you do have fruit
Charlotte Collum beard
Mar 17
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Re: If we should not eat fruits, where will we get vitamin C? Ellis, I love fresh fruits! Like you, I live in the tropics, where fruit is abundant, and inexpensive. When you wrote: "So you can eat fruits, but you can't
Marc Gold
Mar 7
Purchasing HGH by Mail Order Hi Ellis, A few years ago I purchased HGH through mail order. Is it still possible to purchase and if so what is the minimum order? I'm also thinking about
Charlotte Collum beard
Mar 7
At (blood glucose) 50 or 45, I'm very dizzy and black outs are c RAY: I'm glad you know what your talking about but, I also have had some very very lows. Now a 50 or 45 I'm very dizzy and blackness is trying to enter, black
Ray powers
Mar 2
Re: Digest Number 1798 I was taken off testosterone patch because my testosterone level at the last blood test was normal for a man my age 68. Testosterone was helping me replace
gary gromet
Feb 27
Re: * * * HbA1c down from 9 to 6... so doctor takes away insulin... DoctorBitch: I am an expert in this area (MD< board certified in anti-aging and functional medicine) and you are correct. Ideally, fasting blood sugar is
Feb 27
Re: * * * Is HGH responsible for hair loss? Hello Ellis, Recently I visited a doctor in NYC regarding excessive hair loss. After the exam he asked me if I use HGH. I told him Yes, since 2010. He
Feb 27
I am taking 2 iu of HGH daily, and I am not seeing/feeling much resu Dear Ellis: I am a 45 year old female. I started using bio-identical hormone replacement 1 year ago and HGH for anti-aging purposes. Currently I am taking 2
Dana Speers
Feb 27
Bringing back medicines from Mexico (or anywhere) My brother who lives in San Diego just asked the Customs folks last week when he went to Mexico to buy a prescription drug. He was told two things by two
Darold Carpenter
Feb 26
* * * joint pain / vitamin B-6 / Which is the "best" dose FRANK: Every five or six years I have answered this same question on Rejuvenation. My brother got joint pain on 2 iu a day, and as soon as he stopped, the
frank lively
Feb 26
Where can I order HGH ?... DEBRA: Ellis please tell me where I can order HGH! I am desperate. I have been off now for 8 months and my toenails and finger nails are splitting and hair
Feb 21
Re: HGH and joint pain DAVID: Just reporting on what seems to be of real help with energy and endurance. I am 72 Years Old, have used Ellis Protocol of injecting small amounts of
Feb 21
Is it a GOOD IDEA to keep blood slightly alkaline? (re: "Alkaline W Re: Alkaline Water Guide... TAD: Five star customers who sell the expensive multilevel expensive units are not worth relying on. You need 6 hundred, not six.
Tad Tsukida
Feb 10
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Re: Free Kindle book: "Alkaline Water Guide" LEE: Ellis à I was surprised by your recommendation of ôUltimate Alkaline Water Guideö. I read the six five star reviews plus the three sources at the end
Lee Sims
Feb 4
Free Kindle book: "Alkaline Water Guide" The "Ultimate Alkaline Water Guide" is Free e-book today. Get it NOW, I don't know until when it will be free... I have not read it yet, but it has 6
Feb 3
Re: * * * What do you think about using Insulin for Bodybuilding ? Good day Ellis Toussier, Good day I am trying to understand HGH and insulin. This is what drew me to this board. My quick history and stats: I was a border
Jan 30
* * * Anti-Malignin Ants in Serum: A Short Story I re-read this short story that I wrote a few years ago. I post it here, in the hope that it will teach you a lesson: - Ellis Toussier Anti-Malignant Ants in
Jan 28
* * * HGH ? and prostatic hypertrophy, or carcinoma stage 1 Christopher: Should a person take HGH if diagnosed with prostatic hypertrophy or carcinoma stage 1 ? Ellis: Hello Christopher. IF I WAS THE PERSON with
Christopher Bruno
Jan 28
* * * using insulin and using metformin... (a lost post, from Lubboc Somebody named "David" from Lubbock, Texas wrote an interesting but very short post, which I was answering, but somehow the entire post got "lost"...
Jan 28
Is there a "Best time" of day to inject HGH? Kathy: Hi Ellis and everyone, I am a 46 yr old woman with Hypopituitary Syndrome. I have injected HGH since 2007. I have always injected it in the evening an
Jan 27
Re: I want to know: injury healing, pain, and HGH Joseph wrote: I had knee surgery a year ago to correct a badly torn meniscus. A year later I am about 90% in my knee. But I have developed a lot of other
Linda Lott
Jan 16
Two Free Kindle books, about Vaccines and Vaccination There are two Kindle books, free, as I write, both of them on the topic of Vaccinations... Go and get them NOW because they might not be free at any moment...
Jan 16
Both my brother and I grew taller after age 21 Ms Rush: Both my brother and I grew in height after the age of 21. I grew an inch, and my brother two inches. Best of luck to you, young man. - Ms Rush Ellis:
Brenda Rush
Jan 14
I want to know: injury healing, pain, and HGH Joseph: I'm 36. All my life I was strong and athletic and extremely active. In the last couple of years I have started to break down. Granted, I didn't take
Jan 14
* * * Diabetes is the Devil, and Sugar is his Prophet. Ellis wrote: "But I don't make any distinction between fructose or maltose or dextrose or any other kind of "rose" ... I only look at what the blood glucose
Jan 14
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Re: About fruits: Ellis is right... I disagree !!! Paul Pharmd: I disagree.  My daughter is also an RD, MS and she disagrees with Ellis, etc.  If you took biochemistry and human physiology you all would
Jan 10
* * * If you can keep insulin below 5, then: you win... Hi Ellis, Can I ask, have you recently had a blood test to check your insulin levels?. As in my opinion if you can keep your levels below about 5 then you
Mark M
Dec 28, 2013
You need the "mad scientist" mentality to break through existing bar Big A: The "voice of reason" is great, but how many discoveries and new medical protocals have come from people thinking and acting "outside of the box"? A
Big A
Dec 28, 2013
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