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* * * Haley vs. Offitt : A Virtual Debate about Vaccines

I received the e-mail below, from Richard Millner, I recommend you MUST see this "virtual debate" about vaccines, and whether or not vaccines and mercury cause
Ellis Toussier
Mar 4

Doctor recommends switch from Levemir to Glucuphage. What is Your O

Ellis: Somebody wrote this question to me by e-mail. I copy and paste it here, and I answer below. Question: A doctor I consulted with wants me to replace
Ellis Toussier
Jan 15

* * * From Dr. Lichten: Calcium Deposits in Coronary Arteries linked

Dr. Lichten wrote this, in another post ("More is not Necessarily Better") to which I gave a long answer, so I am sending this off as another post. Dr.
Ellis Toussier
Nov 27, 2014

* * * Dr. Edward Lichten: re IGF-1 550... More is not better !!!

Ellis wrote: My IGF-1 is about 550... Dr. Edward Lichten: As a physician who has been recognized for my work with the field of anti-aging: 1. More is not
Nov 12, 2014

Ellis, you should have gotten MOH's surgery for that malignant m

pharmer_9: To Ellis: You should have gotten "MOHS surgery" for that malignant melanoma. Go back and get it done by a dermatologist who does it. Ellis:
Nov 12, 2014

Why don't you mention thyroid hormone replacement ?

Hello Ellis, Why do I never see you mention thyroid hormone replacement? It seems to me that these hormones(T3/T4) also decline as we age, and they are very
Rex Ashbaugh
Nov 3, 2014

Re: * * * Is "speed of healing" a sign of aging ?

Steve: I thank you for the great info and your close in that my IGF 1 is 158. Ellis: O.K.... I guessed 110 to 140... 158 is also "very low according to Ellis."
Oct 28, 2014

* * * Is "speed of healing" a sign of aging ?

Hello, I wanted to ask you what you think of the speed one heals as a good indicator of biological age? Have you noticed a difference over the last decade of
Oct 25, 2014

ELLIS - ABSURD re: causes of Type II Diabetes

From: "Randy Thomas" Subject: * * * ELLIS - ABSURD re: causes of Type II Diabetes Randy: Where do you get your information? Randy: First 'consuming carbos' is
Aug 27, 2014

where to obtain in expensive HGH in USA

dear Rejuvenation Group, I would like to obtain inexpensive HGH in the U.S.A. I live in Orange County, California... awaiting your feedback, many thanx,
janet mizban
Aug 24, 2014

* * * If you receive an e-mail from my safe-mail account...

Somebody who is trying to harm me hacked my etoussier(at)safe-mail.net account and wrote at least 3 e.mails from inside my e-mail, so they appear to have been
Ellis Toussier
Aug 20, 2014

No more HGH for me (Roly Poly, in Australia...)

Roly Poly: No more HGH for me. My house was raided by Australian Customs and I am being charged with possession of a substance without the approval of the
Aug 2, 2014

About insulin control

Steve: I have been following you for 10 years and very much respect your opinion. I know you suggest monitoring closely your levels and keeping them below 90
Aug 2, 2014

Re: Peptides

How can we tell % for hct and hb? our lab values are different. From: mailto:Rejuvenation@yahoogroups.com Sent: Friday, July 18, 2014 10:58 PM To:
Aug 2, 2014


Tachion: At 58, with an IGF-1 level of 210, my energy is extremely low. After reading the latest newsgroups on peptides, many are using Ipamorelin and CJC
Jul 28, 2014
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