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* * * Who do I see if my son gets sick using HGH ?

I received the following question from a person in Mexico whose son might use HGH to grow taller. ... Ellis: You will see an endocrinologist, of course. But
Ellis Toussier
Nov 6, 2017

Question: "I want to sculpt my body with liposuction, and do fat tra

I received the following question by e-mail.   My answer to that person is below. Question: "I want to sculpt my body with liposuction, and do fat transfer
Ellis Toussier
Oct 6, 2017

*** More than 19 Years on Growth Hormone

I take this opportunity (now that I am back) to confirm that I continue to inject growth hormone every single day, almost without exception, since June, 1998.
Sep 21, 2017

After the Earthquake: I am well... (Thank you for your concer n )

I have been away from my forum for too long. But I received literally dozens of e-mails asking me about my well-being after the Earthquake ("Earthquake" with
Sep 21, 2017

Re: Should I inject 1.6 iu once per day before bed, or split the dos

Bill Wonderful summary and advice...as always. Ellis, you are the Yoda-of-Yodas. billcalhounfitness.com https://www.facebook.com/calhounbill/ Thank you, Bill.
Bill Calhoun
Nov 2, 2016

Hypothalmic dysfunction from head injury

By pure chance, I found this e-mail to me buried under thousands ofother e-mails which I have not erased.  The person who writes says that 80-90% of survivors
Ellis Toussier
Nov 2, 2016

Should I inject 1.6 iu once per day before bed, or split the dose an

Ellis: Somebody wrote this to me: Question: "My doctor has prescribed .4 mgs (1.2 iu) HGH twice a day. Do you recommend twice a day, or taking all of it
Ellis Toussier
Oct 22, 2016

* * * A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum...

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum ... I went to a lab to get a blood test... I mentioned to the lab attendant that I am not a diabetic but I do
Ellis Toussier
May 16, 2016

* * * Do I recommend 2 mgs of HGH each day?

Somebody asked me the following question... I wrote a long reply, so I now post it on Rejuvenation because my answer might be interesting to others. Question:
Ellis Toussier
Apr 27, 2016

* * * In support of my Hb-A1c to Average Blood Glucose Conversion Ch

I received this e-mail from "Jon" a diabetic type 1, which SUPPORTS my interpretation of HbA1c levels on my page: http://www.rajeun.net/HbA1c_glucose.html
Ellis Toussier
Mar 26, 2016

Fw: Welcome to the future!

... From: "etoussier@..." To: mtoussieh@... Cc: etoussier@... Sent: Saturday, January 2, 2016 10:43 AM Subject:
Ellis Toussier
Jan 12, 2016

* * * Can Metformin extend our lifespan to age 120 ?

I received this question by e-mail. I answer here for all to read: Question: What do you think of Metformin, and claims that it could extend life to 120
Ellis Toussier
Dec 16, 2015

Question: my IGF-1 is falling... should I suspect my source?

I received this by e-mail, I answer below so everybody can read my answer. Hi Ellis, How charming to hear that Charles Aznavour is still alive and singing at
Ellis Toussier
Dec 6, 2015

Charles Aznavour, Alive and well (and still singing) at age 91

Please excuse me for being "gone" for so long... believe it or not, I could not SIGN IN to Yahoo, because I was not in Mexico City and their security detected
Ellis Toussier
Dec 4, 2015

Re: Experience with stem cells, extracted from fat (70,000,000 cells

I would like to know what clinic your friend went to and what kind of stem cells did he receive.Also what was his cost? Ellis: Hello Richard... I copy and
Sep 13, 2015
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