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Step10: Historical Wrap Up Time, I think

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  • Michael Scharding
    Okay, I admit it, I ve fallen WAY behind on Schedules, while we re waiting for the Magazine Files to go on-line (now looking like next week), why don t we skip
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2005
      Okay, I admit it,

      I've fallen WAY behind on Schedules, while we're waiting for the
      Magazine Files to go on-line (now looking like next week), why don't
      we skip Step 9 for a week or so and jump to Step 10? Step Nine, if
      we can manage it, will be the last part of the Study Program.

      Let's finish strong.

      **************** *************************

      STEP 10 : Review of History of Reformed Druidism

      Purpose: Review Mike's summary of 40 years of Reformed Druidism
      (focusing naturally on first 20 years (1963-1983)) and refreshing
      your memory of the various readings we have done.

      Read 50 pages (631-686) of Part Eight: A General History of Reformed

      http://orgs.carleton.edu/Druids/ARDA2/doc/2part8.doc or

      As usual, answer at least one quesion and/or significantly reply to
      another posting. Please pick one of the following, or generate your
      own question and answer it:

      * What are your feelings about the underlying major themes of
      Reformed Druidism?
      * How would you summarize Reformed Druidism as a whole in less than
      200 words?
      * Are there any similiarities between the RDNA and other fraternal
      * How do you think Mike's biases and Carleton background have biased
      his presentation?
      * Is there an aspect that is missing from the history?
      * How does RDNA history compare with the start-up of other religions
      you are familiar with?
      * What intrigues with the RDNA approach to its own literature?
      * How have communication technology affected the way Druids operate?
      * What are the strengths and/or weaknesses of the Reform?
      * Is the Reform a religion, a philosophy or something else?
      * Any comments on recent events (1983-2003) that are lightly covered
      in Part Eight?
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