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Letter to the Global Fund Board form the Civil Society in Latin America and the Spanish Speaking Caribbean [2 Attachments]

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  • Oswaldo Adolfo Rada
    From: Enrique Chavez Sent: Friday, November 11, 2011 2:08 PM To: pvvihsida_red_hispana@yahoogroups.com ; InfoREDLA ; ungass_lac@gruposyahoo.com.ar ;
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      Sent: Friday, November 11, 2011 2:08 PM
      Subject: [pvvihsida_red_hispana] Letter to the Global Fund Board form the Civil Society in Latin America and the Spanish Speaking Caribbean [2 Attachments]


      Dear Global Fund Board Members,
      On behalf of Networks, Organization, Groups and Individual I´m submitting the letter below for your consideration. The list of signatures and the Spanish version I attached.
      Enrique Chavez . Observatorio Latino
      To the Board Members of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria:
      We the undersigned, networks, organizations and individuals working, living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Latin America and the Caribbean would like to express our deep concern at the Global Fund’s current situation as well as the negative effects that could result from decisions considered or made as a consequence of the final report of the High Level Independent Review Panel on Fiduciary Controls and Oversight Mechanisms.
      We have followed with special attention the discussions at the last Board meeting held on the 26th of September. We are aware of the serious financial crisis being faced by the Fund, exacerbated by the financial crisis in major donor countries. Since 2008, one of the first impacts of this phenomenon has been the gradual withdrawal of the active role of developed countries and their contribution to international cooperation for development, including support to the Fund.
      We, the undersigned, share the Global Fund's policy of zero tolerance of fraud and corruption. However, far from improving the situation, the drive for the necessary changes, guided by the findings of the Office of the Inspector General, the reform agenda and the work of the High Level Independent Review Panel, has perhaps worsened it. Today it seems that these findings support the justifications of some donors to suspend their financial contributions and in some cases put pressure on the Board to move in certain directions.
      The Global Fund is a multi-sector partnership that brings together donor countries, implementing countries and civil society, working in solidarity. We are concerned that many countries now want to limit or suspend their association with the Fund, but withdrawing from this initiative would create a downward spiral dragging everything down, and dashing the hopes of millions of people living with HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or affected by malaria.
      As such:
      • We welcome the report of the High Level Independent Review Panel and its findings. We maintain reservations about some of the recommendations, which will be channeled through our representatives on the Board.
      • We express our deep concern at the GF/B24/DP4 decision, which approves a review of the application process, as well as a review of the negotiation and approval of new and existing grants. This decision may promote the non-compliance of standards, policies and contracts between the Fund and its grantees, be they countries or organizations. This is a serious legal and institutional precedent that jeopardizes the credibility of the Fund, the Country Coordinating Mechanisms and the Principal Recipients around the world, not to mention the cost in lives.
      • We regret the decision to delay the approval of Round 11 for a period of almost a year until 2012. This decision will have severe consequences for programmes in our countries, especially those who provide supplies and drugs that save lives. It will also, delay opportunities to implement policies promoted by the Global Fund, such as sexual orientation and gender identity, gender equality and community systems strengthening.
      • We categorically reject any attempt to revise or adjust Eligibility, Prioritization and Counterpart Financing policies and criteria. Those that are in effect as of Round 11 were the result of years of
      work, review and discussion. The highest degree of sacrifice on the part of countries with concentrated epidemics and middle-income levels has already been offered to achieve consensus. Greater restrictions will profoundly distort the nature of a fund with global coverage.
      We are convinced that the only way out of this crisis is with increased efficiency, institutionalism, responsibility and solidarity. We must no longer tolerate pressures originating from donor countries as a result of financial restrictions, and with systematic attempts to transfer responsibility exclusively to the implementers.
      "The Global Fund works and its weakness are fixable," the High Level Independent Review Panel concluded. The reform agenda is being implemented and the recommendations of the Panel have been adopted. Still pending we must define what will donor countries –new and already existing ones– do, to keep the Global Fund working and with the power to continue preventing diseases and saving lives.
      It is time to send a clear message to those millions of people who need us that commitments are not broken and solidarity is not dead, that even in the worst times for each and every one of us we always have life to give.
      September 2011.
      Attached you´ll find the list of 568 signatures of the organizations, networks, groups and individuals
      This petition letter process has been convened and support by all the Latin American and Spanish speaking Caribbean regional networks and organizations listed below:
      Relard, RedLA+, RedTraSex, MLM+, RedLacTrans, Observatorio Latino, LACCASO, ICW, COASCE, CIAT ASICAL and Amigos del Fondo Mundial

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