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just saw this made me think of you

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  • John Erb
    Hey redrosejaneausten, I know I don t usually send out stuff like thisbut this sounds pretty cool:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2012
      Hey redrosejaneausten,

      I know I don't usually send out stuff like this
      but this sounds pretty cool:

      I know most of these online biz's are scammy
      but this one looks like it could work.

      At least tell me what you think of it as I
      do value your opinion.

      Ok, back to regular life!!

      John Erb

      P.S. This is really me, lol. Give me your
      honest feedback!! :D


      I sent this email using a software called tell a friend. It just makes it easier for me to email
      all my email contacts faster. If you don't want me to email you anymore from this tool then
      you can click the link below and I'll take you off! Hope you're not too mad! ;)

      Click here and I'll remove you from my email sending software for good. :(

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