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35Re: Next Tuesday's Jane Meeting

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  • John Erb
    Jun 27, 2012
      I recently went to the Jane Austen Society of Lancaster Facebook page that I had set up a while back and found that I was now the only member. Facebook "migrated" the group to a new format and dropped any member who didn't ask to remain except for admins of which I was the only one. If you want to be able to access the pictures which were previously uploaded there, upload more, post messages, or read messages, please reapply to join the group and I'll let you back in. I would like to start making more announcements on the Facebook group so that it has our current schedule of events on it so that we can direct people there that we meet who have an interest in Miss Austen.

       It would also gratify me if more people were to use the Yahoo group as well. I've created a shorter version of the web address to take people there and I think it's easier to remember. Here it is: www.tinyurl.com/RedRoseJane.

      I'd also like to announce that I've designed and will begin taking orders for three different oval stickers for our cars that advertise the Jane Austen Society of Lancaster in different ways. An online order form will be posted in the files section of the JASL Yahoo group. I also hope to premiere a copy of them at the July meeting and take orders from anyone who is interested. I don't propose to make much money from the sale of these stickers. I intend to sell them at close to my cost as a service to the members of the Society.

      - John Erb