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  • grosew46@aol.com
    Sep 27, 2011
      Thank you Anita!
      I was going to pay a visit to Dayspring and see if you were there.  I was also going to visit the library at the same time.
      As you know, our society meets at the Lititz Public Libaray.  We loose a lot of people from the southern end of the county with that location.  I was going to see if the library or the school would have any place available for us to meet. 
      We don't have money to pay rent and the library lets us meet there for free.  So we are still looking for a free location closer to Lancaster without going to the Lancaster Library.  We want to stay out of town.  We meet at 6:30pm to 8:00pm currently.
      I'm delighted the school is doing "Emma."  I would have a few dresses I would consider lending. I have two very lovely dresses for a young girl that is very thin.  I may have a few other things.  WOW.  I'm quite delighted!  How very exciting.  You and I will have to talk so I can see what I have to lend for the production.  I also have a military coat (George Wickham style of P&P).  We'll have to talk.
      Ron and I moved about 4 months ago.  We are in East Hempfield now at 1132 Mill Mar Road, Lancaster, PA  17601.  We are not that far from the school.
      So good to hear from you.
      (717) 898-7381

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      I wanted to let the Jane Austen group know that Dayspring Christian Academy high school students will be performing Emma in March. I will keep you posted to the details! 
      Anita S. Casteel, M. Ed.
      Advancement Coordinator
      Dayspring Christian Academy
      120 College Avenue
      Mountville, PA 17554
      717-285-2000, ext. 206
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