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Re: Welcome to the group (was: Thanks)

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  • Ian
    ... Not sure what happened to the topic †the replies seem to have got divorced from my original post but thanks everyone for the links/suggestions â€
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 11, 2012
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      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, Bob Smith <robert.smith@...> wrote:
      > Dear Ian,
      > Welcome to the group. The most important thing is listening to and enjoying this kind of music. I've been listening to and collecting this kind of music ever since I was captivated by going to a George Webb Dixielanders' concert in 1947.
      > [Snip]
      > My collection is on 78's, cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, LP's, EP's, SP's, MiniDiscs, CD's, DVD's, and I've even got one 8" LP, and one 10" EP on shellac.
      > Kind Regards
      > Bob Smith

      Not sure what happened to the topic â€" the replies seem to have got divorced from my original post but thanks everyone for the links/suggestions â€" I will certainly investigate.

      I can't compete with that.

      As a student in London (England, that is - just in case :p ) I discovered Brian Rust's Capital Radio show which I taped periodically. Being young and stupid - I then edited these down, kept the tracks I liked, anthologised the major names as single volumes and made cassettes of the others as 'various artists' in (roughly) chronological order. I now have no idea of the quality of what I discarded and no record of Mr Rust's comfortable, informative delivery. What I do have is a lot of music, from source records of varying quality, which were about 4th generation copies by the time I’d finished with them.

      I still have a badly spliced copy of The Blue Lyres (aka Ambrose’ Orchestra) “You Rascal You” where they faded it out and back in for a news bulletin reporting the storming of the Iranian embassy in London. They were a Brit dance band of course but I think it’s a decent version â€" not entirely divorced from it’s jazz origins: you can find it here if you don’t know it; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Td-i66j4Is

      By the way, before I logged on here I discovered that I had once again failed to win an auction for a 1978 copy of Rust’s “Jazz Records” on ebay â€" there always seems to be just one bidder who knows the real value of the thing.

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