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rchiveRe: [RedHotJazz] The purpose of this forum? (was: Thanks to Scot, the mods and members of this group)

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  • Patrice Champarou
    I agree on many of the points you have raised, Livio. When I decided to create this group in 2004, the situation was quite clear : there was on the one hand a
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 4, 2012
      I agree on many of the points you have raised, Livio.

      When I decided to create this group in 2004, the situation was quite clear : there was on the one hand a fabulous website likely to evolve and keep growing, so there ought to be, on the other hand, a mailing-list primarily meant to exchange views and information, which Scott gladly approved “as long as (he was) not in charge of it”.
      Things have dramatically changed since then, not only because Scott’s departure resulted in a completely unattended website (still linking to this active group) but also because, while about half of his valuable audio files were vanishing, the Web itself contained more and more historical clips, footages, or other documents related to our topic.

      A mailing-list cannot cope with these; whatever efforts Yahoo made to increase all groups’ storing space, or make the message boards a bit more attractive than they were in eGroup’s time, a discussion group cannot have the same impact as the most basic website or blog.
      There are, indeed, some interesting links posted here from time to time, and whole sections of the group’s site are devoted to permanent links, pics, files etc. posted by members with a Yahoo account, but these will always remain limited, ans as confidential as our postings – even if some decided to flood the list with links, which I guess would rather deter subscribers.

      This is why I think the group needs its own portal. The idea raised from our discussions on RHJ-tech, in which we first wondered how to start “doing something” about the faulty audio files on RedHotJazz... and although it all resulted in a quite ambitious project, I will personnally see that it happens – possibly before the end of this year.
      Even in the perspective of supporting, advertising, and completing the RHJ Archive, it has to be attractive in itself, and “living”, in the way that the front page could display recent annoucements – like the ones I forward to the group whenever requested – and streaming of interesting youtube or other footages, changed on a regular basis.

      Our guideline has been that “the RHJ Archive mustn’t die”, so the aims which resulted from our discussion should include :
      - reminding all visitors that, in spite of its technical flaws, the RedHotJazz Archive is still there, as an invaluable source of information
      - listing all valid and invalid audio files - which is now done and published, thanks to Bob Smith and Dennis Delpeyra
      - restoring some of the missing files, while still linking each entry to the relevant RHJ page (my Joséphine Baker and Ray Ventura pages are mere drafts, the idea is also to set up something more universal and convenient than the Realplayer... which I think I have found)
      - providing new entries which, obviously, cannot be added to the existing pages on Scott’s site – no more than any links back
      - preparing a complete and ehanced restoration of the Archive, in case the RHJ site disappeared, which raises the question of what to publish... or not. Since the purpose is not to compete with the Archive, whose pages are properly referenced on search engines, I think most of these should belong to a “private” section as long as Scott’s site is still there... but this is no reason to stay there with folded arms until the predictable doom happens.

      I have been working on the preparation of a solid and efficient framework for a few weeks only – some well-minded specialists, all claiming they had magic wands, made us waste several precious months – trying to put together all I previously experimented, and what we have been discussing for nearly a year now. Time, health, and lack of experience with “dynamic” websites are the most obvious obstacles but... something, even temporary, has to be visible this month!


      From: liviolaurenti
      Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2012 7:57 AM
      To: RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [RedHotJazz] The purpose of this forum? (was: Thanks to Scot, the mods and members of this group)

      The reason why we all are on this group is because a gentleman by the name of Scott Alexander set up a web site called www.redhotjazz.com which is an invaluable source of information about early jazz as, by clicking on a yellow title, one can (could) hear hundreds if not thousands of those great tunes. The Redhotjazz web site is a sort of Ecyclopaedia Britannica that would deserve a world recognition such as a Pulitzer Prize for the great benefit it has brought (and still brings ?! ). There you can sure find historical notes , but the core of it is that it gives everyone a chance of actually listening , learning and enjoying almost endlessly.

      For my part I maintain that what does good to me is being able to listen more and more .In addition I'd like to receive any input about the musical substance of your listening experiences rather than debating on side aspects . (e.g. Now I know that there exists " the Weimar Rundfunk on Live 365" and I thank Alex Hill for this piece of information ). Since (and I'll quote Patrice) "Encouraging visitors to discover early jazz is the purpose of this group" let the visitors find here some links that may lead them to a rewarding listening experience.

      In this regard may I suggest www.20sjazz.com and www.30sjazz.com plus what I ' ve achieved myself with my orchestra through the paramount help of Redhotjazz website : http://www.youtube.com/watch?hl=en&v=KbTYnl54Xho&gl=US

      Cheers , Livio

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