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Re: [RedHotJazz] Wild Bill Davison was Introduction

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    This is in complete contrast to Louis and Bechet on the Clarence Williams Blue Fives. The two egos were blasting away in a battle royal on Cakewalkin Babies
    Message 1 of 66 , Mar 1, 2012
      This is in complete contrast to Louis and Bechet on the Clarence Williams Blue Fives. The two egos were blasting away in a battle royal on 'Cakewalkin' Babies' which is fantastic and I recall Eva Taylor mentioning to (if I remember correctly)  the late Trevor Benwell that Charie Irvis was so taken aback he gave up the fight and just tagged along for the ride. Meanwhile CW was nearly bouncing off his seat, the recording engineers were tearing their hair out and the lady in question almost, but didn't quite, forget to make her contribution to the proceedings. For better or for worse (depending on your personal opinion) Wild Bill was not made of this stuff.
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      No, no Howard I never for a moment read you as other than reporter of
      received bollocks.

      I'm not sure what records he spoiled. If you mean the Bechet Blue Notes I
      have them on now. 'Tin Roof Blues' at this very moment. Bill there is
      extremely restrained, tasteful and respectful of the enormous ego that was
      Bechet. Both are declamatory in style and a wonder that it works so well,
      which I put down to Bill's sensitivity and willingness to accommodate
      Bechet. 'Nobody Knows' now and Bill's playing a refined second to Bechet's
      lead. I hear it as a splendidly homogenised session. The racehorse elements
      on up tempo I hear as a Bechet tendency .

      Bill never imitated Louis in the slightest, he worked out a style using a
      small part of Louis' vocabulary (again !) amalgamated with his own Bix
      derived origins.

      I am interested in who 'any of the several Chicago trumpets' might be. There
      must also have been other candidates in NYC but I can't think that any could
      have done a better job. Bechet just didn't get on with trumpeters -- for
      obvious reasons. The greatest Bechet of 40s onwards is with Bunk whose
      seniority demanded, at least temporarily, Bechet's respect for teamwork.

      As to Condon, Tony -- and nice to hear -- I have it all too and enjoy but
      just think that players like Bill and Pee Wee and Hackett were rather
      constrained by the 'enhanced Dixieland' Condon style and repertoire. I don't
      think that any at heart were Dixielanders.


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      Friends, I do not intend to send such messages once a year, but at this point I think I need to remind new subscribers that this group is run according to the
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        I do not intend to send such messages once a year, but at this point I think
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        In that regard, and considering the first spam message which briefly
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        For two reasons:
        - the potential danger of such easily hackable accounts (please note that,
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        The document I am inviting all "Web only" subscribers to read and understand
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        We have been able to maintain total freedom of speech as far as the group's
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