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Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: Introduction

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  • Patrice Champarou
    ... From: warrington1@btinternet.com Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 7:25 PM To: RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com Subject: [RedHotJazz] Re: Introduction ... No big
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      From: warrington1@...
      Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 7:25 PM
      To: RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [RedHotJazz] Re: Introduction

      > A couple of questions:

      > 1 Rules/guidelines for the group were mentioned. Could someone summarise
      > them for me, please?

      No big deal, really. Only the guidelines which should be common to all Yahoo
      groups, plus a couple of practical hints.
      Everyone is supposed to automatically receive them as soon as subscribed,
      here is the whole text :

      Welcome to redhotjazz@yahoogroups.com !

      Although it shares its name with the Red Hot Jazz Archives, this group is
      run independently of http://www.redhotjazz.com . Its topic is not
      restricted to the content of the website, but covers all aspects of jazz
      rooted in the pre-war era, including ragtime and swing.


      All messages can be read from
      http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/Redhotjazz ,
      but only members can post.
      Membership requires approval; Yahoo automatically requests a "reason for
      joining" but your reply is not sent to the group, so it is strongly
      recommended for members who wish to post to introduce themselves.

      New members are moderated, which means their first posts must be approved
      by one of the moderators and may be delayed. As an extra protection against
      spammers, this feature is maintained as long as no message has been sent to
      the group.


      You can choose to receive and send messages as individual email, or read
      and post from the group's page if you have created a Yahoo account.

      Settings can be changed any time, from the webpage or by sending blank
      email (no content or subject line needed) to:
      redhotjazz-normal@yahoogroups.com if you wish to receive individual email
      redhotjazz-digest@yahoogroups.com if you wish to receive daily digests
      redhotjazz-nomail@yahoogroups.com if you wish to stop receiving mail


      Attached files and html code are automatically removed, so that no virus
      can reach you through any of the group's messages.

      Everybody is expected to use understandable language and sign their
      messages. Do not write in uppercase, which is considered as "shouting".

      Discussions are organised in threads, so for everyone's convenience the
      subject line must be kept whenever you are replying to previous mail, or
      changed (adding "was: ...") if you are departing from the original subject.

      Please avoid excessive quoting, i.e. the repetition of a complete message
      followed by a single-line comment, or the complete list of previous
      messages after your own contribution; quotes should ideally be restricted
      to a couple of sentences.


      All members are welcome to contribute, and should never be influenced by
      the content of previous postings which might make them assume the list is
      only for specialists, or excludes any relevant style or musician.
      Regular announcements other than updates to the Red Hot Jazz Archives are
      not the purpose of the group, but occasional information about
      topic-related websites, radio programmes, exhibitions, bands etc. should
      also be part of the group's activities.

      Unrequested postings include spam, chain letters, hoaxes, virus warnings
      and whatever is clearly forbidden by Yahoo terms. Private replies to one
      member should not be sent to the group unless they are actually a
      contribution to the current thread.

      All efforts are made to keep this group as free and friendly as possible,
      so we are relying on everyone's self-discipline as far as off-topic content
      is concerned. Do not forget to add a smiley if your comment is meant to be
      humorous, and avoid statements that might lead to a truly off-topic
      As a general rule, questions regarding the group's management should be
      sent to the moderators, who will make their replies public if needed.

      IMPORTANT: "ADMIN" messages can only be sent by moderators, and no public
      replies are allowed.


      Members can freely upload photos or documents after they've introduced
      themselves. Please create a folder (album) before uploading photos, and
      think of removing heavy sound files after a reasonable amount of time.
      Storage in the "files" section is limited, so heavy files may be removed
      any time by the moderators.

      We hope you'll enjoy contributing to the redhotjazz group.

      The redhotjazz group moderators
    • Patrice Champarou
      Friends, I do not intend to send such messages once a year, but at this point I think I need to remind new subscribers that this group is run according to the
      Message 66 of 66 , Nov 2 11:43 AM
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        I do not intend to send such messages once a year, but at this point I think
        I need to remind new subscribers that this group is run according to the set
        of information, recommendations, and rules which Michael Rader and myself
        edited in 2004, available from the group's "files" section:

        It needs revising, obviously, since today's Internet users are not the ones
        who used to enjoy email communication in eGroups' time (and this may also
        mean that our groups are obsolete... however, I think they maintain a degree
        of courtesy and privacy which can hardly be found anywhere else).
        Among other things, it should be recalled that Yahoo groups are basically
        mailing-lists (even if some prefer reading on the Web), and that all members
        are supposed to provide valid email addresses.
        In that regard, and considering the first spam message which briefly
        appeared on the board this week (and, fortunately, no-one seems to have
        received), I am not sure I will be able to accept more subscribers with
        disposable yahoo.com or hotmail.com addresses in the next future, unless I
        can individually check their purpose.
        For two reasons:
        - the potential danger of such easily hackable accounts (please note that,
        even with private mail, the apparent sender is seldom the actual "spammer");
        - the increasing number of people who bypass Yahoo's rules by providing
        secondary addresses they *never* check.

        The document I am inviting all "Web only" subscribers to read and understand
        also failed to state the obvious, which is that Yahoo groups are run by
        private individuals, not by employees or slaves anyone is allowed to
        command, or publicly blame.
        We have been able to maintain total freedom of speech as far as the group's
        topic is concerned, but whatever regards management is supposed to be
        addressed to me, not to the 850+ people who just cannot do a thing about it
        (and those who helped me build this group from the start know that anyone
        claiming he cannot get in touch with me is a liar).

        I have always spent as much time as necessary whenever someone asked for
        help, requested information, or reported an incident, I am open to all
        suggestions, I would not even mind giving ownership by now to anyone likely
        to run this list better than I do, BUT I have no time to waste with
        trouble-makers who ignore my private requests, and repeatedly attempt to
        flood everyone with their ins(is)tant demands (fancy we also have a right to
        sleep at night). Such rants will never reach your mailboxes, and this is
        what moderation is for.

        Thanks to everyone's self-discipline, the total number of people I happened
        to ban from this group in eight years' time only amounts to FIVE, plus a
        couple of "silently removed" subscribers who did not even notice it - all of
        them because they thought the cleverest thing to do was to "piss me off" (I
        think Alan Balfour taught me this phrase) and claim they had a right to do
        Might "work" with... somebody else, not me.

        Early Winter greetings,

        Patrice - redhotjazz-owner@yahoogroups.com (and it works)
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