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RE: [RedHotJazz] Red Hot Peppers

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  • Ron L'Herault
    Peter, If you know the address of the hotel, use Google Maps and street view or Bing and the equivalent application. You ll be able to see the building that
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 27, 2011
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      Peter, If you know the address of the hotel, use Google Maps and street view
      or Bing and the equivalent application. You'll be able to see the building
      that way.

      Ron L

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      Can anyone in the USA or elsewhere for that matter, tell me if the
      Webster Hotel is still standing?
      If it isn't, when was it pulled down?
      I will be in Chicago in June, and I thought it would be good to see the
      spot where one of my favourite
      jazz bands recorded.




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    • patrice.champarou@free.fr
      Hello, Sorry to disturb everyone with admin matters again, but I have just noticed that the group s welcome message was no longer systematically sent to new
      Message 2 of 5 , Jan 28, 2011
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        Sorry to disturb everyone with "admin" matters again, but I have just
        noticed that the group's welcome message was no longer systematically sent
        to new subscribers.
        When the automated function stopped working, I have no idea, I will try to
        fix this as soon as possible (and for the time being, I do not understand

        Still, I would like the new members and first time poster who are, at the
        moment, greatly helping the list to wake up from its temporary hibernation,
        to be aware that this is primarily a mailing-list - that is, most active
        members receiving each message as individaul email.

        I have just edited two posts (something I never do, and do not wish to do
        again), removing hundreds of unneccessary lines from the previous
        contibutions. I think that even quoting the whole of the previous message
        (which everyone has already read) is quite unpleasant, especially for a
        one-sentence comment!

        Anyway, here is a copy of the text which Micahel and I edited in 2006. It
        would probably need updating, but it provides the main guidelines for using
        the group, which does not have the sophisticated features of a forum - end
        even less of a chatroom!

        If you have comments, questions, or claims about this, please use my private
        address, or redhotjazz-owner@yahoogroups.com
        (same mailbox) - DO NOT REPLY TO THE GROUP




        Welcome to redhotjazz@yahoogroups.com!

        Although it shares its name with the Red Hot Jazz Archives, this group is
        run independently of http://www.redhotjazz.com . Its topic is not
        restricted to the content of the website, but covers all aspects of jazz
        rooted in the pre-war era, including ragtime and swing.


        All messages can be read from
        http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/Redhotjazz ,
        but only members can post.
        Membership requires approval; Yahoo automatically requests a "reason for
        joining" but your reply is not sent to the group, so it is strongly
        recommended for members who wish to post to introduce themselves.

        New members are moderated, which means their first posts must be approved
        by one of the moderators and may be delayed. As an extra protection against
        spammers, this feature is maintained as long as no message has been sent to
        the group.


        You can choose to receive and send messages as individual email, or read
        and post from the group's page if you have created a Yahoo account.

        Settings can be changed any time, from the webpage or by sending blank
        email (no content or subject line needed) to:
        redhotjazz-normal@yahoogroups.com if you wish to receive individual email
        redhotjazz-digest@yahoogroups.com if you wish to receive daily digests
        [EDIT : not recommended, since too many people forget to "clean" their
        redhotjazz-nomail@yahoogroups.com if you wish to stop receiving mail


        Attached files and html code are automatically removed, so that no virus
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        [EDIT : the HTML content of the "full featured" messages is safe,
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        Storage in the "files" section is limited, so heavy files may be removed
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        [EDIT: the storage space has been seriously increased since then. But if you
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        something! ;) ]

        We hope you'll enjoy contributing to the redhotjazz group.

        The redhotjazz group moderators
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