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Re: [RedHotJazz] Introduction and an interesting bio

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    Hi there,               I have both of the Sugar Underwood sides but would never had even had an inkling of him had it not been for Brian Rust who
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 23, 2010
      Hi there,
                    I have both of the Sugar Underwood sides but would never had even had an inkling of him had it not been for Brian Rust who played both of them on his Capital Radio show 'Mardis Gras' back in the late 'seventies. It would be gerat to know a bit more about Underwood as information on him is scant.
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      Subject: [RedHotJazz] Introduction and an interesting bio
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      Date: Saturday, 23 October, 2010, 4:05

      For those who are not familiar with me, and who may already be on the Elite Syncopations group, I am Bill Edwards, a working ragtime and jazz pianist and researcher.

      From time to time in my ongoing expansion of my site, ragpiano.com, when I add a bio of interest to one or another group I note it for perusal by others, simply because even though I am able to usually find information that either corrects previous information on a composer or performer, or in some cases becomes the only record of note on that composer, things do slip through the cracks on occasion. So I always welcome constructive input, additional information, and verifiable corrections. Fortunately as time goes on and my databases grow and skill sets increase, I get less of the latter, but still might make a typo or misidentification on occasion. Thus the call for any additional input.

      In this case, even though I'm usually focused on ragtime and novelty, I did some work on someone who has been a mystery figure for decades - probably because he had a stellar recording career that lasted around three hours, went over seven sides, and resulted in two phenomenal tracks. These would the August 1927 recordings of one Sugar Underwood. Done in Savannah, many have searched for any semblance of someone with that name there. However, I followed a different trail and found Underwood in Jacksonville, FL. I'll be there in three weeks to try an pick up more information on him if anything is available.

      For now, it's not much more than we had before, but it applies a name, life span, and a little more information on this incredible player who, in two tracks, showed amazing energy and subtlety with a stomp and a blues.

      http://ragpiano.com/ragtime4b.shtml - click on his name in the list.

      Please know (as my friends in the ragtime community are aware) that any verifiable additions and corrections/guidance are acknowledged in footnotes (sometimes text), and that any uncited sources are always available on request. Just click on my head in the site and you'll have the email.

      RAGards, Bill Edwards



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